Velocity Keyzones send to different fx chain

Maybe Velocity Keyzones send to different fx chain are helpful.
I know that something like that is possible with velocity device,but this is different.
For example with this trick we can easy controling different delay feedbacks at different velocity zones.

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A simple solution would be to duplicate the sample and assign each keyzone to a different FX chain.

Remember that FX would be applied to all samples assigned to that chain, so you need to split it up at the sample level to get ‘truly’ different FX applied at different velocities - you can’t just have the keyzone velocity mapped to some parameter, as it would still affect all sounds in that FX chain (adding a keytracking device to the FX chains to control a delay feedback would work just the same)

Related, perhaps: sample aliases?

I thought of that, but when thinking closer, you have situations where you layered multiples of the same sample to the same keyzone which get triggered at the same time of which the original also still triggers the original fx chain.
But perhaps i was tired when thinking that, because in this set up, nobody would do that unless someone desired parallel processing of the same sample in their own individual way.