velocity range scaling for midi keyboard such as DX7?

is there an midi fx option in Renoise to scale up the velocity range from 100 to 127?
i’m using a DX7 just for the sake of having aftertouch. gazing at the midi monitor in renoise the aftertouch range runs well up to 127 but unfortunately not the velocity. i know it’s the DX7 fault and not renoise :wink:

thanks for your help!

So the DX7 has key velocity, but it only goes to a 100?

Wow, that’s weird. But then again, MIDI was being invented as that keyboard came out… :slight_smile:

But to answer your question: no, you can’t scale MIDI velocity in Renoise without resorting to some trickery.

Either by using some thirdparty software (such as MidiOX for windows, pure data or something similar) and then use virtual MIDI ports to route the messages into Renoise.

But perhaps a simpler setup would possible withxRules, a Renoise tool designed exactly for this kind of thing.

thanks, I’ll check out xRules then!

Also probably worth mentioning that a quick non-realtime post process method would be to record the velocities from the DX7 and say multiply them with 1.27 using the advanced editor?

You could also use protoplug as midi processor in Renoise. (32bit only on macos sadly, due luajit incompatibilities)

Example midi processing script here:

And also inside there are more basic examples.