Velocity to decay time

I am trying to make an xrni (hi-hat) where the decay is shorter the lower the velocity - the logic being that a hard hitting cymbal rings for a longer time. Is this possible with the velocity key tracker inside an instrument? I’ve experimented with various operator modes but can’t quite wrap my head around it. It feels like it might be possible some way.

PS. I don’t want to use meta devices in the Renoise main editor as a workaround. It’s tedious and wouldn’t be compatible with Redux.

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Could you map an instrument macro to volume, then add a velocity tracker and Instrument Macro device inside the instrument? Or you could add X amount of samples in the instrument, key map them all to one key then assign each to a velocity range, then edit each sample to be quieter and more low pass filtered as velocity drops to get the same effect?

I always map and automate a macro to achieve those long techno hihat lines with gradually shorter and longer decays. Or I add a touch of random lfo to make them feel less robotic. Hope that helped?

Yeah, you could just make some copies of the sample and spread over the velocity range in the keyzones. Edit the samples to shorten them, or use different mod sets with different envelopes. That is the easy way, that requires some tedious work.

I managed to get a shortened hat by modulation math tho. It has limits, and I rather not dare to explain. It is, when you have an envelope with decay, and subtract the velocity from it so part of it will go into the negative range, it will get not only quieter but also shorter, whatever part gets into the negative range will be quiet. Then you have to compensate some things, and you may not add to it again, else the envelope will get pushed into the positive range again.

Here is an example I just made, with shortening and some compensations, maybe it helps you with your project:

Shortened hat.xrni (66.8 KB)

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using meta devices from the effects section in the instrument editor instead is compatible with redux?

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velocity tracked decay time.xrni (11.7 KB)

easily done with macro control, not so easily done within instrument modulation section, afaik

whitenoise for the sample, not a hihat, but same principle

works fine in redux


Thanks! Splendid.

I didn’t know that the instrument macro device was available inside of instruments.

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Well… It is and it isn’t. To have access to it, you need to save a doofer preset with an instrument macros device inside it made from the track fx section, then you can open the doofer preset from within instrument fx and have access to macro control via all the usual meta devices. Super useful


Thanks for clarifying about the doofer requirement.

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