Velocity tracker not working as expected

I have found that velocity tracker doesn’t work as i would have expected!

For example i insert a sample with a continuous sustain volume adjusted with the adsr envelope, and i get quit dynamic volume changings when hitting the keys hard and soft.

I insert velocity tracker before the ADSR enevelope and use “clamp” i adjust the minimum at 127 and leave the maximum at 127. Shouldn’t that switch of any volume dynamics when playing loud or soft it should play with velocity at 127? Even when i touch the keys very soft i can hear a very soft volume with the minimum at 127. I would have expected that the volume would play only at its loudest!

It does temper the dynamics though when you higher the minimum setting. But i would have expected that when i adjust minumum at 100 the velocity even when played lower than 100 would correct to its minimum of 100.

I’m confused how it should operate am i right or is the velocity tracker working differently?

The volume modulation gets applied on top of whatever note velocity was triggered, so if you have a note that was triggered at a low velocity, then it’s actually quite awkward and impractical to use a Key Tracker in order to invert that amount and scale the volume back up again.

If you want a particular sample to completely ignore the note velocity (coming from the pattern, phrase, MIDI, whatever), then it’s much simpler to go into the Sample Keyzones, select the sample(s) you want, and disable the [VEL->VOL] option instead. After that, you can apply a Key Tracker in Scale mode to the volume modulation, in order to tweak and shape the velocity response more to your liking.

I know it is hard to explain but i will try it again and more clearer hopefuly:

I can load a sample and play it with the full dynamic velocityrange from 1 to 127 that’s fine sofar. But when i find that i want a more flat response and want to adjust the lower velocity hits than i can apply the velocity tracker.

But when i adjust its minimum to lets say 80 i would expect that the start velocity is actually played at 80 no matter if i hit the keys with a much lower velocity.

So when velocity tracker is adjusted min 80 and max 127 with clamp mode i expect the output to act between 80 and 127 velocity.

But the truth is that this isn’nt the case. When i hit the key at a very low velocity i still get a very low volume. So i definately swear that it is not correcting the low velocity to 80.

Can others confirm this? I would really want a velocity tracker which can be adjusted more close to what i read from the settings, it is absolutely not clear how this tracker is working to me.

I’m sorry for my english it is not my native language.



So when velocity tracker is adjusted min 80 and max 127 with clamp mode i expect the output to act between 80 and 127 velocity.

This is how it’s working. I think what’s more confusing here is that you are trying to use a velocity tracker in the !volume! domain (and not in the filter “cutoff”, “panning” or other other domains, which is the more likely (well, more expected) use-case.

The velocity device is not meant to be a replacement for Renoise’s internal velocity curve, but can be used in generalin the modulation system to react on velocity values to do “something”. A classic use-case would be adding a velocity tracker to the modulation filter cutoff. So the harder you hit a note, the brighter the sound will be.

As dblue explained above, samples are by default played back with a lower volume at lower velocities. So with or without a velocity tracker, you first need to disable that in the “keyzones” for a sample. Then you have full control over the sample’svolume in the modulation - if that’s what you want.

See the vel->vol option in the keyzones.

Ha i will try that out switch off VEL>VOL and see if the velocity tracker works as i expect.

I see the point now with VEL>VOL on and a velocity tracker on the volume modulation will act as a double modulation with respect to velocity! I suppose they function in serial then?

Just curiousity to get a good understanding!

Thanks for the clear answers taktik and dblue! I’m pretty new to Renoise but already addicted wish i had discovered this tracker years ago!