Velocity tracking control adsr

Is there a way I can route a velocity tracker to an attack knob or anything on the ahdsr. Im not sure if it is possible or not so im not realy sure where to categorize this. thanks in advance

It is possible. Yes…


You have two things:

  1. Sample Modulation: a Volume AHDSR charged.
  2. DSP of Track: a *Velocity Tracker charged.


  1. Sample Modulation: Opens the Macros (superior switch “Macros”). Map a macro (Macro 1) to the Volume AHDSR: Attack (click in this modulation parameter).
  2. DSP of Track: Invoke *Instr. Macros. Inside your Velocity Tracker: Dest: *Instr. Marcros. Select the Macro 1.

You should get this configuration:


oh thanks I didnt know I could use a macro. But im having another issue. As velocity goes up the attacks goes up too which is making an opposite effect than what I wanted. Is there a way I can reverse the scaling

Nevermind i just figured out how to reverse it thanks for the help