Velocity, Volume And Vsti Plugins

Is there some way of drawing velocity curves in renoise ? Using the volume column for each notes does not equal the volume automation, as the volume automation changes the volume and not the velocity sent to plugins.

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you can only use Channel Pressure (a.k.a. Monophonic Aftertouch) or AfterTouch MIDI controls in order to make this; both are supported by Renoise, but in different ways:

  • CP curves can be drawn using MIDI Control Device
  • AT can be set by simply typing new velocity values on the lines below the one where the note has been played, exactly as you would do for sample based instruments

these two MIDI properties are not supported by all VST plugins (it’s actually rare that they do support them) so you may not be able to use them with your plugin.

once a MIDI/VST note is played, its velocity cannot be changed anymore; it’s not a Renoise limitation rather a MIDI design limitation.

take ewql piano as example, i want to change the velocity to make it more dynamic, i’m not good enough player to record it right, and i’d like to not have to change the volume commands in the pattern editor.

What i’d like is to change the velocities in the automation view. so for example start soft, then draw a chresendo (prolly spelled that wrong).

(the correct spelling is “crescendo”)

Yes, I’ve got what you mean.

Lots of other plugins do not rely on velocity for volume exactly because of the limitation that you cannot change it during note playing. Usually, they use CC#11 (a controller called “Expression”) to modify the volume during play, so you could use a MIDI Control Device to draw a crescendo curve for CC#11, but in the specific case of EWQL Piano, which I don’t own, I’m not sure that CC#11 will work, as acoustic piano plugins usually do not respond to Expression. Just try it. If it won’t work, currently there is no other method than writing velocity values in the pattern editor, as in Renoise you cannot control velocity values with an automation curve.

i can understand the change of expression after the note have been triggered could be very useful in for example a string based instru,ent.
but in the case of piano it makes no sense to have it implemented that way. what i want i “just” to have a series of notes, first note playing soft, then at the end each note getting a higher velocity.

the way i have to do it now is to change the pattern volume command, and via trial and error see what “feels right”.

Now i can understand several problems having such adjustments done in automation. how would example two notes hit at the same time be treated, might want to have slightly different velocities/volumes.

But nevertheless, i’m gonna see if the expression things works.

yes, this is exactly the main concern about it…

That won’t work with automation indeed, then you would have to manually change the velocity value in the volume column behind both specific notes if each velocity has to be different.

then have a look in ableton to see how it works (graphical editing should be possible at least by using the “point mode” - and curves…seperated by colours? would be an idea?) - eh is this info here still up2date?