I was wondering if there was an alternate way to view velocites? I know when playing in via a midi keyboard, all of the velocities are recorded into the column next to the instrument number, but was hoping it would be then possible to view these velocities below (for example in the automation window) as a vertical bar that can then be simply tweaked, instead of having to manually fine tune any data in the text column?

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Well they can’t be seen more graphical, but I did make a tool for renoise that, with some keyboard wizardry, can be very helpful if you want to make a ‘strict pattern’ of velocity levels. Look for ‘Push Back Keys’ on my site and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your reply Cas.

When you say ‘strict pattern’, do you mean to record in at set velocities? I don’t really require a method of entering data where the velocity is fixed, but was just hoping that there was a more graphical representation of velocities available as this would help editing them far easier. Even though I really like the track based note entry, I must admit that I prefer the graphic representation of velocity in sequencers like ‘Cubase’ etc., and the automation window looks like the perfect place to include something like this.

@ the Renoise devs, is this something that would be easy to implement? I can see that in the automation window you can adjust things like pan, overall track volume and width and this graphic representation is far easier on the eye (and of course to edit) than entering data in the text columns above. Would it not be possible to include note velocity here too?

This just showed up on facebook the other day, and I thought it was great:

um… Midi velocity ranges from 0 to 127… ( it could be 128, I suggest you verify the top of the range )

One of the most interesting things about Renoise is that it asks us to learn the hexadecimal numbering system… ** That is if you don’t already know it… A lot of guys here are developers and coders and already have this down… When I started with Renoise, I had to learn the system… So, I understand your complaint…

You’ve got to push yourself, it takes a little bit of practice… Its definitely doable…

My question has nothing to do with hex or converting it to decimal or having any difficulty in this area, it is just simply unfriendly when compared to other parameters than you can edit graphically in the automation window. If you re-read what I wrote, it is more a workflow issue, basically to save time and allow me to edit LOTS of values instantly. Why sit wasting time changing text when I can simply drag a graphical display to change a value? For example, say you have some complex modulation in the automation window and you want to make some adjustments, it’s FAR easier to edit this using the graphical display than editing lots of text in the pattern window, irrespective of how well you know hexadecimal or how much you push yourself.

Ok, you have made yourself more clear. As far as your OP is concerned, I am not aware of any way this is possible in Renoise right now…

I like the idea to have those values like in automation lanes.

As things are ATM, for mass editing you might consider the Advanced Edit thingy (to the right of the pattern editor, maybe it’s minimized). In the 2 topmost sections you select what events you want to modify. If you scroll all the way down, there is the section “Vol/Pan/Delay/FX”. You can set values, or modify them like multiply with a constant, etc.