Velvet Acid Christ Renoise Review

Nice one!

Props to Renoise and VAC. :yeah:
FL has been my DAW for some years and when I discovered Renoise, I was immediately sold on its feature set and sound quality. It’s welcome to see my first impressions validated by artists of this caliber. After reading their writeup, I feel they remarked accurately and to the benefit of this program.

Will read that when I have more time!

Shame he reviews 2.5.1 at a time when the RC of 2.6 is out. Assume that at least gets a mention?

[center]ahaha Gotta love how VAC has a secret version on da’ noise… 2.51 grrrrrr lol!!!
[/center]@Kazacore - Your right! This is what I felt too… Mentiond this on IRC when Suva brought it up a several hrs ago.[center]

Don’t forget my side project all done in renoise!

FREE! its good psychedelic messed up fun.

@ Bantai - It was a pun to the misprint on the page =P We all know of 2.5.1… thanks for killing it with seriousness ;) jk bud!

@hexfix93 - Please to meet you! Long time fan. Everytime I watch the movie “seven” it takes me back to my dark basment early teens blairing the track to piss off my dad =D lol…

To the people that doesn’t know renoise or trackers, 2.5 or 2.6 is the same.

@capitan_mission - Last time I checked when I loaded up my 2.5.1 I wasn’t able to say… Go on IRC in the interface or… load duplex. Think your a little wrong there bud. Excuse my ignorance but, how so?



OH I SEE! Okay =D HUGE difference… however I think that adding a little about the features that are to come with the release of 2.6 is definitly a HUGE thing… HUGE! If I wasn’t a regular user and you told me about the pattern matrix and other 2.5 VS then maby instead telling me about 2.6 and the features of our STRONG community actually creating tools with this language ON TOP I think that there would be a huge gap of difference. I understand but disagree. It’s all good thought we love to disagree in this forum, this is how we get shit done ;) lol.



did anybody made it to the credit roll of the toxic coma video?
“god only likes you when you stub your toes and yell about pudding”
educational stuff really.

I really like this review. I like all the reviews on the website. I remember the iPad review from a little while ago.