Vember Audio Surge synth now free and open source

Claes Johanson of Bitwig fame has just made his Surge software synth open-source and free to download:

Nice find. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Nice. Would be great if he also open sourced Short Circuit. Best free sampler around, but a couple of bugs that need fixing.

Thanks for sharing i will check this out

This one had a nice modulation system from memory,

thanks for the heads up!


latest .exe found here:

I was amazed by this synth around 2007 …then along came zebra 2 and forgot about it .

Anyway , in renoise the gui doesn’t show up ( 32 bit installer on vista )
In reaper it does , but alpha channels are missing ( slidercaps ) and it looks jaggy

Really happy to see this, it’s a shame more people don’t do it. I hope someone can make it buildable in linux, I’m not sure if the code needs changes or it just needs path changes and stuff but it would be cool to have it. I still use this in wine sometimes, it’s a classic.

A lot of people already are participating - no wonder since it is an awesome synth, capable of almost anything, including sync, unison, fm, wavetable, analog osc, lots of LFOs. Pretty nice move by Claes.

v1.8.1 Changelog

I love these guys. You can even join coding or make feature requests at their discord channel.

From the channel:

1.8.1 seems to have stuck and so we are in the process of adding features and changing aspects of the Surge architecture. This leads us on a two pronged approach for the first half of 2021 (if everything works) 1. This spring - probably April - we will release Surge 1.9 which will contain a bunch of new effects, maybe a new oscillator or two, a set of quality of life improvements, and general neat things. But most critically we will not expand the parameter space of Surge with this release. The next nightly of Surge will be labeled “1.9” and I’ll update the nightly changelog today. 2. In parallel with that effort we are working on porting Surge entirely to JUCE in a product we call Surge XT. That will be a new plugin ID with the same core engine, but with architectural changes to make it much easy for us to change parameters, GUI, and more. We plan the first release of Surge XT in summer 2021, and plan to have collaborator pre-alpha releases available as binaries in February. (You can build it now from source if you want but we don’t have binary nightlies). If you are interested in Surge XT, please hang out in #surge-development for now. Finally, we are still chipping away on ShortCircuit slowly but surely.

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“Today we decided to start calling the nightly “1.9 Beta”. 4 new oscillators, 16 new effects, loads of micro tuning changes, and a lot more. If you have been running 1.8.1 and are interested on testing, grab 1.9 beta from the surge-synth web page and give it a spin! Bug reports here or on our discord or GitHub if poss. Thanks!”

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