Venetian Snares Computer Music Mag Interview

is anyone able to scan this and upload it for me?


you could have typed “searching for” in the beginning of your topic chris

Anyone still got this on their hd ? tryed the links on the original thread and they seem to be down .

I wonder if he will take the piss with the readers , just like richard …hope he did

What issue is this printed in? August 2010? I’m sure I can get something up if someone provides me these details…

October '07 , issue 118

No probably somewhere beginning 2008 as that was the first post.
I have a screenshot of the Renoise 2.0 review in issue 138 (May 2009). I remember that the review also came with the VS interview, but i could be wrong.

Edit:I think Ilisity is closer to the reality that i am…

Cheers Bantai , been wanting to read this for ages :)

nice read,and a few tips in there :D




Did anyone else feel like the entire tracker article was really condescending? The whole time I just felt like the author was saying, “Oh how cute, they’re making music with old technology.” or “These hobbyist just love to limit themselves and think about the method more than the product.”

I stopped reading after 5 pages.

They are unable to comprehend that we actually find Renoise better then those stupid commercial products… Until I discovered Renoise, I made crap and nothing else.
I shouldn’t keep going with this post to avoid trolling around… If I haven’t started doing so already.

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