Venetian Snares - Cubist Reggae

check it out here:

yeah it’s going to be a good one. :)
don’t understand why it isn’t on the Timesig sublabel though.

Yeah sounds great and a nice fresh direction too.Also i think hes either sitting on another album or e.p. atm because ive been hearing very dark stuff in his new sets and there obviously not from cubist reggae.So im really looking forward to that,had enuf of the happy go lucky jungle for a while now,good and all as they are,i most definitely prefer his darker edge. :ph34r:

This is refreshingly good stuff opposite to what shite Venetian Snares usually does. I like it.

i must say, i enjoyed everything he ever made until Filth. i really do not know what to do with that album, every track sounds more or less the same to me. some stuff is OK, but i got really truly utterly hooked on Rossz Cszillagieu HEhjEGlThejkE;egjk Sutieeueuttueuelelleltteet so i’m leaning towards the ‘darker’ direction as well. however, i did enjoy that Cubist Reggae EP immensely.

Really original stuff. I like it.

I’m confused. You can buy the individual tracks on mp3 but the mp3 collection says “Preorder.”

Can you buy this right now or can’t you?

i like this!