Venetian Snares Shreds!!! Funny

if you find this sort of thing funny. i certainly do


May sound like blasphemy to most, but I definitely liked this more than regular VSnares. :D

I prefer his ‘regular’ music. Rossz was his best album imo. Timeless

hihi (;

How’s this funny? Don’t really get it sry =S

You should have seen him at parties WAY BACK here in Winnipeg… See the parties use to be broken down into seperate rooms… like a usualy party. You have all the trance and stuff in one room and the hardcore/jungle/breakcore/noise in the other… usually the other room was alot of Fishead and Venetian Snare… the odd time Fanny would some bless up as a selector… Snares use to always throw down a break like this in the middle of his set… it was always awesome! Ahh man I miss those days… I seriously do… Latley Snares has been bringng alot back to Winnipeg which is AWESOME and I really appreciate this alot (so much other people do) and it’s growing here more and more… It brings a tear to my eye ;) lol. But the parties WAYYYYYY in the day in barns and shit… those were a STAPLE of prarie (and canadian) electronica <3

Ahhh the memories… anyway. =D


Fishead? You know him? He lives a few blocks from here. He was a judge in MBC #2. Did we talk about this before?

Yeah collin!!! Shit man! Really? Well everyone DID move to Montreal =P I don’t know if your familliar with Dan (Phosphor)? All the hardcore heads moved down there =( It was a sad time for Winnipeg Hardcore… We went pretty strong for a long while but I guess sadly everything moves on…
I’ve partied with him on a few occasions but im pretty sure he dosnt remember me (you haveto understand this guys been rocking Winnipeg for longer than i knew the word “rave” lol) , The last show he played here which was but a few years back, he didnt recignise me atall… and really i barly recignised him lol! Thats awesome man, he’s a real good guy to party/produce and DJ with… His sets are CRAZY! He uses aspects of turntablism and stuff that really make his sets fun (kida like Ron.d.Core style)… Us canadians do have a real tight electronic community eh! =D

I like it!!!

Nice to hear something from VS, but what happened to Aphex Twin???

um, i think that shreds video is a joke, like a parody.

like this

i dont think its actually real snares material… tehe!

i was confused at first too.

Who’s music is it? If that;s the case then it certainly wld be… i was rather confused… im like what? lol.

i’d say that the semi-enthusiastic golf claps are quite a give-away even if you think that vsnares could do something as amateurish sounding as that clip! (=

lmao @ when he plays a bit of enter sandman :>>>

Yeah… I was at work and didn’t have that high quality sound. Didnt really dedicate that much time to it also =S I’ll look it over when I get home hopefully =D

Is it bad that I really like the tune!? haha

is there anyone who also hears the transformers theme at 0:28?

Like it or not, it’s real Vsnares. From the Cavalcade of Glee… album.

No its not,im sorry but your totally wrong.

toyb0x - Well as i’ve stated previously snares has played stuff randomly before, stuff much like how this sounds =) I’ve been listning to snares since way back… being from Winnipeg myself I’ve started going to his shows WAY back even before he got big =). So it wouldn’t be that hard to believe both ways…

Tehnik - there is melody to that “shred” I think ;)

I was talking about calvalcade of glee,look at what i posted.It was in response to mixtapes for girls and anyways winnipeg is a frozen shithole. B)

Here’s the album on iTunes:

The Vache there is the same Vache in the Youtube video.

Are you suggesting some conspiracy that is uploading fake VS tracks to iTunes in his name?