Venetian Snares Video

Has anyone seen this? Makes me want to try doing something similar with other games now :)

Absolutely disgusting. Bad art. Life is already a complex nightmare and then stuff like this adds to it in the name of cool. Sorry, I’m just reacting very negatively toward this.

If this becomes the next big thing though I think i’ll start fraps-ing my late night “battlefield” sessions, they usually go with whatever I’m listening to at the time ;)

I don’t think snares himself did that vid… something makes me think this is a shameless fan vid… tho I guess snares himself could say

i agree, although it’s pretty neat

Yeah, I’m sure it’s not real either, and I’m sure VS wouldn’t settle for the onscreen messages that crop up every now & then (let alone the repetition after a while). I should have just said that I think the idea is cool :slight_smile:

i have seen this and i like it :)