Venetian Snares

i reckon you could do it in cubase,… but as someone who’s defected from cubase, 4 bars would probably take a couple of weeks :P

i’ve never used a tracker before but i was bobing my head to an impromptu jungle beat within the hour of downloading the renoise demo, whereas the first time i touched cubase i spent days just figureing out what everything is, and what else i needed to do what i wanted to do.

but as JSwift said, cubase was designed for a completely different purpose, so apples and oranges and all that.

and yeah, that “loading up cubase and laughing” quote should be on the renoise home page. :D

making orange things :D

Octamed on the Amiga had very good midi support well before 1999… At least I Had no issues running a drum machine and an akai sampler when I was tracking with it.


Sadly the trackers have allways been a bit behind when it comes to serious stuff with external gear and I had to switch to cubase in 1999 because it offered at least some sort of support for external hardware synths :(:frowning:


I’ve been caining FL studio for years, I still use it for stuff with minimal beats, I’ve also used Reaktor, Cubase and Reason.

Renoise is the best for programming beats I can say that much, it would be near impossible to write a Soundmurderer type track in Fruityloops.

As for Cubase I dunno about that either, Renoise is much more intuitive when It comes to sequencing breaks IMHO.

Wisp does all his shit in fruity loops

but really who gives a f****

why does everything have to be…this is great so this is bad

are you bush or something?

all a yall…shut up…make music

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I browsed the latest Computer Music mag at the stand. An interview with Aaron Funk is in there. Lots of Renoise name dropping, which is good of course. Apparently, he uses 1.9, likes automating the built-in effects especially the EQ and bit reduction effect. There might as well be a dblue Glitch namedropping, can’t remember exactly. Check it out.

It’s discussed further in this thread.
Ignore the topic starter’s hate/shameful intentions, the further development is good ol’ venice drumlove


Repeat after me:



hahaha, classic Life of Brian quote :D

And on that note, not to in any way open it up for discussion again, that was the point of the thread you linked to, BotB - “be yourself, you can be as good as anyone”. Sadly, the sentiment was presented through attack.

(i was really unsure if i should press add reply)

Despite all that… I would love to see Venetian Snares enter a BB compo,
I’d give my left testicle to snoop around in his xrns file :P

I heard a rumor that he already did under a pseudonym… but that may just be a rumor ;)

Haha, who’s a winner of a BB that nobody has heard of?

So it’s a given that snares’d win a BB? ;)

I think you can say that any DAW can produce any result with enough blood sweat and tears. For me, i’ve seen dudes work in Logic and Cubase, and it’d drive me crazy. I don’t even do anything complicated and i’d still be tearing my hair out.

On the flipside there’s stuff that’s an absolute nightmare to do in trackers, any “freehand” recording for instance. We’re using a “naturally” quantized package and there’s no way to adjust the quantizing. Maddening. In the same way, programming chords of 4+ notes is still, visually, a mess in trackers.

I’ve always seen trackers as drum computers first and foremost. They are simply the best way to program drums out there. But you wouldn’t be programming mozart on a drum computer. This is why, for me at least, my melodies become very ponderous, slow things that stretch on, because the intricate stuff is just a big fat hassle to do and it doesn’t feel natural for me as someone who actually play instruments and have a big love of acoustic music.

But to each their own. Cubase users have to “hack” to get intricate drums, we have to “hack” to get intricate melodies. Because believe me, we do.

Just saying that he’s got some skill, that’s all ;)

You look like young groupies of ricky martin…

I love this discussions about Venetian Snares and if somebody can create better music with this or with that tool - I agree, Renoise is just a tool for me. I tried everything from cubase to logic to reason to cakewalk, I even worked with dance-ejay or sonic foundry acid but IMHO a tracker is the easiest way for me to express what I want to do.

Concerning this community of great musicians we have a lot of variety in styles: Trance, house, breakcore, BRAKKACORE, brainkore and of course acid :)

I tried another approach doing classic on renoise, guess what - it worked. classic with renoise (work in progress)

HELL YEAH :yeah: