Venom VB-303 released!

Years in the work, Antto finally released his virtual 303!

Here’s the download link

Introduction to MIDI control:

Looks sweet! Definitely going to try it out. Thanks!

It is freeware? I guesso… Interesting, I shall have a look at this.

Edit = actually, I’m banned from kvr, lol… so I am happy to talk about vst plugins here.

I think… This is a way cool 303 vst. I am playing with it right now, and to my ears, it has some good bite and kick…

If anybody talks to this guy on kvr… let him know, in Renoise 2.8.1, on win 7 home premium, the vst is clicking sometimes very badly, when you change the type of distortion. not always clicking though.

I love some of the extras he put on this thing btw… this is an excellent acid box.

When using a VST like this one, what is the best way to create progressions in the sound? Do I just have to keep tweaking the knobs and then rendering it to a new instrument? Or are there more efficient methods?

I just demo’d the d16 phoscyon again… I demo’d it years and year ago, and wasn’t enamored. The version I demo’d just now, is a way better plugin, than the version they used to have. That said, I find this Venom 303 to be so obviously darker, and the fuzzbox on Venom is a bit cooler type of distortion.

As far as user experience though, I’m afraid to say the latest phoscyon has the Venom beat for now. However, I really like the sound of Venom a bit more. Venom is really rabid… Its got big balls!!

Well, I still haven’t explored 303 sounds and acid in my productions… taking my time to get there, lol… but I’ve tried out the audio realism demo a dozen times, and I find their 303 really weak. Good user interface though… I guess if you have a fav disto, then it really makes no diff.

I’m kinda digging this new incarnation of phoscyon though. I’m crazy, or they totally have changed the plugin a lot, since its first release? Its really doing something for me, I may have to get a license…


and even though I’m banned, I am following this Venom thread at KVR, and I stand behind antto’s development decisions. its his plugin, and no doubt, the sound is excellent, if even many people can not pick up on the nuances, and I think with a little practice, venom could be used to a great potential.

Just read the manual a couple of times, and put some effort in, you will get the feeling for it.