Venus Lock On Mars

Hi comrades,

Im posting here my new song, Venus lock on Mars. I would like to hear some opinions on it.

i tried some mastering here…maybe i screwed more… :) ;)


nice work… is this a remix ? the vocal sound somewhat familiar… trance ?

to my ears the mix needs a bit more mid range… and less low/mid… also the vocal could use a bit of low cutting… but i suppose thats all taste things.

i played it a few times in a row… must be working as is. ;]

Yeah you right, mastering is something what i know shit about :unsure: …so i may sound not well balanced in terms of sound quality.

And i got vocals form some Zero G compilation or something.I never heard them before. It is not remix.

Thank you for post.

I hear some fresh synth sounds :)
7 is right I think, a bit mids missing. tho’ dont mind, I over-do low freq. and under-do high ones all the time.

Is nice.

I like.

Great break :walkman: