Versioning System For Renoise Collabs

Hi there,

I’ve the following ideas about a versioning system for Renoise, which could also be used for collaborations / cooperative work over the network:

For XML versioning I already thought about writing a Renoise subversion or git/mercurial client on LUA base. This tool could save all Renoise XML/DOM changes in the background into a versioning repository. Also interesting would be an XML-based diff/merging support for different versions from different users etc… For example Person A could create part A of a song and person B part B. Then they commit their changes into their lokal repository and push/pull stuff to/from the common repository. Should work for cooperations / distributed production etc…

A LUA svn/git client could easily create network connections via the socket API.

What do you think ?

A built-in versioning system would be really great. But I wonder what’s your general idea for handling binary data (here: samples)?

e.g. bindiff, wavdiff, compress as flac / ogg etc.

Up. Versionning can be quite game changing it the world of daws. And not only for collabs