Vertical ADSR tool in sampler

image is it possible to make a tool or doofer for the adsr in the sampler so it could be used vertically with sliders instead of the envelope view ( as shown in picture)i find it very confusing with envelopes as most of the synths i have learned on have vertical sliders and i cant get the attack right to make a pad thanks in advance

you have adsr with slidersahh

I suggest RTFM , or just exploring renoise on your own

(updated RTFM link)


@dspasic suggests “please read the manual”, because these questions you are asking are quite possibly all addressed in the manual. There is an ADSR labeled “AHDSR”, please don’t let the letter ‘H’ confuse you, it means ‘Hold’. It’s visible in the photo that @dspasic provided in his response, right above the envelope. Every question you’ve asked, so far, has been about topics that are provided in the manual. It is very odd that you ask them here. I wish you good luck in finding your answers. Please read the manual.

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A born diplomat, you.


does having the word f -ing in your reply context , imply being abusive something that is not allowed here , im
asking about the vertical slider type adsr you get in some synths , i was wondering if there was a way to get an add on of some sort for that kind of adsr dspasic can you stop commenting on my posts please , why do they pain you so much ?

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this is well known term… Welcome!

Show some respect by reading manual (Documentation). Developers dedicated a lot of time.
whenever in doubt, just search there :slight_smile:

dspasic listen , this is not your forum
anymore than its mine , please if you dont have a answer that answers the question please stay off my post , as smart comments dont go down well , its easy to think your clever and that some newbie to the program is not on your level , but its not for you to judge , you are not the leader or protector of this forum , so pease step down , in regards to my question , i am
asking if there is a doofer or add on or something to makr the adsr like the type i like to use , where do i say come on please babysit me , if you comment anymore on my post ill see you as a troll , as i dont
need it just dont comment ( ps ; i read the manual and watch videos )

You are correct
if you cannot get anything useful from my 2 previous replies, then it’s my fault.

first of all

  1. you never mentioned doofer at all, you basically asked for ADSR functionality, where i replied with pictures provided of ADRS envelope modulator. I also mentioned to “RTFM” as any sane person would consult manual when having trouble finding what is looking for.

  2. Your point about ‘babysitting’ is from my second reply, where you ignored completely my first reply, even tho i provided you pictures how you should do this.

  3. any further argument is off topic, since you got your answer in the first reply. Keep ignoring it and keep going off-topic as usual.

But instead of getting down on how i reply you, you should check the answer first. but no, let’s debate off-topic as usual, and continue endless discussion.

If you want facts - read manual
if you want opinion/experience of other people, you’re welcome

Cheers and have a good day

you just tried to make me look stupid tbh but never mind done now
im over it
i did say is there a tool to change it maybe i didnt say it clear enough
but thats what i meant never mind i know i will have to use it the way it is , a lot of the synths i have learned on dont have the envelope curve they have the vertical sliders which i prefer , i was asking if there was an add on tool to get this in the sampler but maybe not thanks

u misunderstood

so, you still ignore my first reply?
and continue to involve more and more nonsense? and i’m trying to insult you?

re read it i edited it , maybe i didnt make it clear before

Maybe a tool along Ledgers idea(?)

im going to try that out could be what i need mate thank you ( and it could help me get a good idea of what the envelopes look like with the sliders ( ive struggled on synths with visual envelopes slopes as i learned on reasons thor quite a bit thanks for a good response thanks bud ill try it out tonight cheers

just got home early tried it quickly wow thanks for this @4tey and @Ledger definitely wasn’t in the manual cheers some helpful people here cheers happy