Vertical Automation

What about something like this:

1278 renoise_idea.jpg

It would also need some way of adding/removing automation columns.

yes, that would be really sweet imo.

having it go in another direction and you lose the nice overview of what goes on in the track and other tracks.

it is surely a nice mockup. It should of course be optional but you surely meant it to be so.

another approach would be an option on the current automation view to override (with transparency) the curve on the related track, in non-editable mode, just to have a better overview of its effect.

i actually like that option better than the one proposed. simply because it has the same effect (a better overview of the automation curve in relation to the track), but it keeps everything in its right place, meaning that the automation stays in the Automation-tab. this example has only 2 parameters shown, but what would it look like with 10 DSP-FX in there? i believe it would get crowded as hell. i can imagine this will prove to be a challenge with It-Alien’s suggestion as well - should it be possible to set the overlay for multiple automation curves at the same time, or not? if yes, how would you keep each visibly discernible? if no, you can wait for people making that particular request in the future…

I’ve always thought vertical automation would be more logical in a tracker environment. I don’t really see any negative aspect of this. An option to view several at the same time could be nice, and I don’t think it would be a problem as long as you can hide the ones you don’t want to see.

I don’t think it should be possible to view more than one curve at the same time: this is not possible on the current system and should not be possible in that one too

Vertical automation would be great, and I definitely think having more than one automation lane visible at a time is a must. The fact that it is currently not available is not an imperative for this not being available in a future version.

I often find myself in need to cut/copy/paste a portion of notes and I often need some or all of the relevant automation to be copied along with them. Having to do this for each automated parameter individually is a nightmare. With several automation lanes visible it may be possible to select portions of them all and move them around together in a much faster and more comfortable way.

you’d need to be able to hide the entire group of automation-tracks for each track, because, as i said in my earlier post, this may look nice with 2 automation tracks, but not so much with 15 of them. imagine 20 tracks with 1-15 automation tracks on each (ok that may be a lot but maybe not incredible for some users), and then imagine the amount of side-scrolling you’ll have to do. i’m really just afraid it will clutter everything up.

I mean two things:

  1. show/hide for each automation curve
  2. sizable automation column width

if we turned the automation editor 90 degrees clockwise like this, the existing keyboard shortcuts are actually pretty good to start with.
I just made a serious attempt at working with automation without the mouse. Many things from the pattern editor is gone - it would be nice if the automation editor was closer to the pattern editor, especially these :

  • If a point is inserted, apply edit-step (just like the pattern editor does it)
  • The ability to easily define the default point value by typing it.

QWERTY input is definitely the most important thing to consider. All that’s needed is to type “50”, and you’re inserting the value 50 the next time you hit “insert point”. Then type “20”, and perhaps use a different edit-step.

PS: ace mockup!!

@bantai: yes, that’s more like it.

If there was a possibility to negatively vote a comment this would of been the first I had done for ages! Multiple automation curve view is something Renoise is sorely lacking! A way to either display overlapped or side by side (with a tidy option of selecting which you are viewing, not every single active one) is definitely high up there for addition to Renoise IMO.

The reason I suggested this feature is when laying down automation I like to see where the automation points are in relation to notes and having more than 1 automation curve visible means you could see where automation curve A is in relation to B. Minimizing curves like the way the dsp’s do would be ideal.I also like bantai’s idea too, this should be optional though as there are advantages to both ways probably depending on how much screen space you have. I do think that only the automation for the selected track should be visable next to the notes and not all song automation.

I was thinking the option to Tick your chosen Automations, a little check box just next to the square that indicates if a parameter has been automated or not. Right clicking would solo that parameter. Selection over multiple tracks possible, simple matter of just right clicking if you want one on its own.

Actually yes this would probably be better as you could compare automation from several tracks at once without having to switch between tracks.

if this gets implemented then this would surely be the most usefull option