Vertical Orientation, I.e. 3:4 Aspect Ratio, Aka 'tate Mode'

What about support for 3:4 aspect ratio, i.e. if your monitor is turned on its side? It seems like it would make sense for the more vertically oriented tracker format.

a lot of people already have monitors on their side to play arcade games

for example:

wouldn’t it be possible just to let renoise automatically snap to the screen size and ignore the aspect ratio?

it will let me drag it as wide as i want, or as high as i want, but not less than 1024 pixels wide, making it pretty awkward to stretch between a vertical monitor and a horizontal one.

interesting: i just tried this, turning 2 of my monitors sideways and stretching renoise between them, essentially making its aspect ratio 6:4. the framerate is pretty crap but it seems like it could be useful.

still, it would be nice to have it vertical on just one monitor as well :)

(appologies if i already made this suggestion before. i don’t think i have but my memory is really bad)

as an interesting note, i took a screenshot of my workspace right now

the resolution is something like 2560x1024, but asymetrical since the right monitor is still in 4:3

I dont’get you here… you can expand the GUI at your desire; I have already tried using the pivot function of my 20" monitor in order to rotate it by 90 degrees and I was able to use Renoise maximized, so what are you exactly asking for?

also this would be a little hard to do for people using laptops??i guess

If the resolution of the screen is big enough, you can easily maximize renoise to fit a rotated 3:4 screen already. 9:16 looks nicer though :D.


i only run 1024x768 (or 768x1024 if vertically), so whenever i had tried to snap it before, it ignored me. i just increased to 1200x1600 and it works fine.

the problem is, i still have CRT’s and i’m a refresh rate whore… soo… now to find a setting that doesn’t make my eyes bleed.

i guess it will have to be 1024x1280 at 85hz

thanks for the help :)