Vertical Pattern Zoom

Firstly, sorry if this has already been covered, but a quick seach didn’t come up with anything relevant.

Vertical Pattern Zoom:

Basically this means making all the patterndata in renoise 2x, 4x or 8x as ‘dense’, so you could zoom in and insert delayed notes without using delay commands. Would this fundamentally screw up the whole ‘engine’ of Renoise?

The idea came about when trying to delay notes in a chord differently (for example to simulate a guitar strum). Because using the note delay command in a track delays ALL notes triggered on that line, for a six string guitar chord you’d have to use six separate channels.

I’d love it if you could ‘zoom in’ vertically, and reveal more lines in the pattern where you could place half-notes, zoom in again and place eigth, sixteenth and so on until you’re down to the level of the ticks themselves (you’ll get to this level faster depending on the speed setting of the song).

I know you can do this sort of thing by having your patterns whizzing by at speed 01 (like venetian snares), but the vastness of the patterns makes programming stuff difficult and just looks ridiculous on the screen.

Anyone else agree? Am I missing something or being extraordinarily thick?

Heres a mockup of how you could show this visually:

(oh, and it should be CTRL + and - to zoom, like photoshop :P )

Indeed. Would rock.

You should have a look in the pinned A Question Of Speed thread.


That’s not exactly true, have you tried to delay notes in the panning column with the Dx command? Though a zoom feature would be really nice.

i think,
for more complex tunes you will lose the overview;
a simple multi- pattern arranger (and a high time resolution)
instead of a vertical pattern zoom would get you to the same result and a much better way to keep your tunes structured.

We’ve discussed this, but having a collapsable view sort of like Scintilla, i.e.

00 C-4 *
01 —
02 C-3
03 C-2

and then click C4 to expand, for something like

00 C-4 *
00.0 —
00.1 C-1 **
00.2 —
00.3 C-2
01 —
02 C-3
03 C-2

and then click C-1 to expand that, etc.

The stars could be replaced by some sort of arrows, color coding or whatever. IMHO this, coupled with some functions, like ‘expand/contract all in pattern’ and ‘expand/contract all in track’, would be perfect.