Very Bad Mod & Xm Compatibility

I have many MOD and XM with songs code errors, S3M and MT2 don’t work :(, and for exemple work great in MadTracker. I don’t understand what, is these formats is dead !?

Please update Renoise for theses song codes errors !? or can you make an option in preference menu for compatibility mode ? Thanks


Renoise plays XRNS files. It’s not a MOD/XM player.

Compatibility with other files is known to be imperfect. Do a search in the forums, you’ll find this exact same topic about a hundred times. The answer is the same 100 times. The feature is only there to help you get started in case you need to rework songs into XRNS.

If you are looking accurate MOD/XM playability, you should try Milkytracker.

Good times.

It’s realy hard to make this ? The look of this tracker is beautifull, what a pity !

It’d be a waste of time, imho, to focus on THE PAST (there, I said it) instead of THE FUTURE ;)

Oh, imho

not only the look of it is beautiful: if you don’t judge it by just loading your old MOD files, you will start appreciating how far Renoise has gone into extending the concept of trackers. Give a look at the available demosongs to have an idea.

and yes, it would be really hard to support MOD and XM replay routines goodly. Not only because they are full of bugs and caveats which should be taken in count, but also because Renoise has taken distance from the past quite long ago, and keeping the heritage of older formats has been harder and harder with time. Even previous versions of Renoise itself are not fully supported within new version. It’s been an hard choice, but we always looked ahead and time told us we was right.

Edit …If you fight for one thing another will get taken away, If we look into associating this we’re looking into the past. Renoise has a different format and it works well with what it does. Tooooooo much work for something that is available in other places =) You’ll learn to like it… we all have =D Milkytracker is maby something you should give a try?I have Milky, still use it ALWAYS will. Its a TRUE 2nd gen and in its declaration it WILL ALWAYS BE. We need that aswell dont get me wrong. Maby Renoise isn’t for you? Hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay and may it be a lenghty one <3 [center]_o0m


I recommend xmplay to play mod files.

System compatibility is must important for me, do you understand that Renoise wouldn’t exist today if in the 80’ Soundtracker didn’t exist ! I want to keep my old sources songs formats without convert it to xrns, mp3 or others dead formats.
XM is still used today, XMPlay is only a player, QBase is not a tracker and Madtracker is the only best recent tracker today for doing it (S3M is played)

then probably Renoise is not for you. as already noted above, you should try Milkytracker, as Madtracker’s XM compatibility is also bad, plus its developement has been stopped

Then you should use the original programs that these old file formats were designed for.

The ability to import old formats is only there in Renoise to help out with the basics of taking your old songs and turning them into something new, to import the basic note data, samples, etc. Importing these old formats will probably never be perfect, since Renoise is a modern tracker that is looking to the future instead of the past.

If you want perfect XM editing and playing, then use FastTracker.
If you want perfect S3M editing and playback, then use Screamtracker.
If you want perfect MT2 editing and playback, then use MadTracker.
If you want perfect MOD editing and playback, then use ProTracker.

If you cannot get these old DOS apps working correctly with a tool such as DOSBox, then set up an old PC with a real install of DOS, put an old SoundBlaster audio card in it, and use that as your oldskool tracker machine.

If you want pretty damn good editing and playback of all of those formats, and don’t want to set up an old DOS machine, then use MilkyTracker as others here have already suggested.

There’s really nothing more to discuss here, in my opinion.


Renoise is one of many trackers.

Renoise format is XRNS.

No one is forcing you to use Renoise.

If you don’t understand the benefit of XRNS, a file format that has been around for 10 years in some form or another, then you have the choice to use something else.

XRNS is such an open and programmer friendly format, some people write their own converters. If you really want it, you could code your own XM/MOD script… The core developers, however, will not be doing this any time soon.

XRNS! :)

Yes XRNS is very good, I think better than Madtracker, I will use these 2 trackers ;) and test this for my futures songs , thanks for the Xrns2XMod link !

A test for how good different players are playing IT-files.

No, only MOD and XM is a descendant of XRNS, I think it’s logic that Renoise is play these correctly …

Renoise derives from NoiseTrekker, not from FastTracker, so your logical assumption is not logical at all.

However, Renoise’s code has nothing to do with NoiseTrekker’s since at least version 1.8, so even supporting NoiseTrekker’s own format, which is not XM, would not be logical at all. Also, there is no legacy format that is “more logical” to be supported than others, as there is no real Renoise’s ancestor anymore, apart of the obvious fact that Renoise is a tracker, so all trackers are Renoise’s ancestors at an equally level.

moreover, version 2.0 has come with a complete redesign of the tracking commands, which become more musical: for example, in legacy trackers, the effect of a 01C0 command depended on the pitch of the note which received the command, while with Renoise 2.0, 01C0 will raise the pitch up one octave regardless of note pitch, BPM value and ticks per line.
this is not a trivial change and has completely taken the distance from history of trackers.

Please stop asking for this because, I repeat, no team members are going to improve MOD and XM compatibility. The only thing you can do which could be of some effect is to submit a detailed bug report in which you explain with examples what’s wrong with XM replay, and we will se if this can be changed, but it’s very unlikely to happen for a simple and clear reason: there is no “XM mode” in Renoise like there is in Madtracker, so there is no special treatment at all for legacy formats: they are converted (badly) into XRNS structures and played as XRNS files.

resuming: don’t preach us for not supporting XM: submit a bug report or just use Renoise to create new XRNS files.

[center]Well put IT!!! Honestly kid you need to relax and just deal with it… Make a DOS tracker computer dedicated to old skool DOS trackers and shit… easy as fuck to do just pick up a 386 or 486 with an old soundblaster and some speakers and BAM! install from downloads put onto some floppy disk and ENJOY!


Or simply use Nash’s ReVisIT plugin.

I just wish that would support VST effects, and that Renoise would also run as VST. Then we could have a tracker in a tracker in a tracker in a tracker in a tracker in a tracker in a tracker in a tracker in a tracker in a tracker.

Come on! The guy is obviously joking. He could just as well enter a sports car forum and ask for horse and buggy compatibilities.