Very Very Green

I actually was looking to recreate the hues of the old black and green screens of the 80’s, but noted that in action it looked kinda like the matrix

(I like green :))

The matrix had me… Then I took my blue pill and believed whatever I wanted to believe. :P

i had the red one and now curse you because ignorance is bliss… <_< :blink: B)

ps: and no: i won’t change my nick to cypher. i sure like a good steak, but… :D

pps: and me liking the “greeness” of the theme doesn’t turn me to ruby rod either.

heres to dislexia:

Sagosen, after reading probably several hundred of your posts, I only just realised your name is not sasogen :)



Proud family name, there! There’s about 40 us in the world, and every Sagosen have been met by people asking “Soergosen? Sagmosen? Sagosa?” etc. Simple,yet very very hard name it seems!

i liked your avatar you had a few months ago. always reminded me of the guy of the fanta commercials (because of your hair back in the days) you always looked like you’re real bamboocha. :D
i found the fanta commercials about bamboocha always very cool. :)

Really? I always found your name stuck quite easily…

Really? To me it seemed like a total failure at cool. A hasty idea thought of on a friday just before a deadline resulting in an cheap campaign with a too stupid slogan to catch on. Some of them are doomed to fail while some of the most inconceivable prevail.

Currently in Finland, every single person knows the slogan for a certain mobile operator and I trust every finn on the board remembers DJ Esko. But what about Ercci? Another sorry failure. I guess Finland really is too small for two product mascots trying to appeal to kids with the exact same trick: combining a currently-out-of-fashion (yokel, if you will) male name like Esko or Erkki with foreign ingredients like the DJ acronym or the letter C which isn’t normally used in the language.

to be honest i never tried to somehow “analyze” the commercial. i just seem to sympathize with the bamboocha guys. :)

Tell me about it. My last name is Dollin. It’s easy if seen on paper, but you try saying to people and having them understand. Then they misspell it all the time… Dolan, Dillon, Dumptruck.

At least with Foo? it’s all safe and on the screen. Worst people can do is leave the ? off the end. I’d rather be a question than a statement! :lol: :huh:

i would say d’ollin’. (really fast) with an ‘O’ like in doll and an ‘I’ like like in falling. ? :)

edit: ok. now i’ve read it’s not reading your name that causes problems. :)

If I had a penny for every letter I received for Mr. Brown, rather than Brawn, I’d be pretty rich I reckon.

oh please.
dont get me started on surnames. :D

“Stay Fanta Free. Stay Bamboocha” <— Bad slogan for two reasons. It’s stupid and most importantly, people will read it as “stay away from fanta” instead of “stay with our diet version: Fanta Free” …I mean, how the hell could they miss that? (I actually checked this up and apparently its only called fanta free in the nordic region so I guess the nordic marketing people should take the blame for this.)

…then again fanta is a coca cola company. Have you seen their slogan during the winter olympics? “Live Olympic” WHAT!!!
I am, and I will continue to go out of my way in order to avoid products that is marketed by insulting my intelligence.

For swedish people I have another one: “Knorr - En del av fredagskänslan” Hahahahahahahaha!!! ingen dålig ambition. Lycka till Knorr! “Ska du med ut ikväll?” “Nej, på fredagar har vi alltid Knorr-afton… på lördag kanske”

as i’ve told i’ve never analized the commercial.
in german it says: “trinke fanta - sei bamboocha” what translates to “drink fanta - be bamboocha”
no freedom restrictions implied. it’s a damn commercial. they want you to grab their stuff… lol. i don’t get it.

looks like an old atari football game…