Very Weird Trouble With A Sample

the offsetting is ending close to 2/3’s the way through the sample
so everything from 2/3’s to the end is all FF.

so i cloned it an it still same thing. then i trimmed off the first 2/3’s an now it remapped from 00 to CC.

freking weird aye?

dunno really how to fix it. i even rendered the selection on the pattern editor an still the same thing as the top!

Does the sample have any extra header information (comments, copyright info, etc)?

Either way, maybe you can try loading it into an audio editor, copy the sample data to a new file, save that as just the most basic PCM format, see if that works in Renoise.

Maybe the header is corrupted somehow and Renoise is confused about the true length of the data?

If you make the sample available online or email it or whatever, I’ll check it out here and see if I get the same problem.

very odd indeed, it seems doing like you said, writing it to a wav an then loading it back in did work! :D thanks DBlue!

wow, thiis whole mod is strange, all of the samples in it are all messed up with the sample offsets, whats even weirder is that it seems that its supposed to be that way! unless i have completely missed something, in the manual.
is there some way to actually move the offsets?
some reason i really dont think this is possible, cuz as much as i read some of this stuff i dont see how i could have missed something as important as moving/stretching/squeezing the offsets to being in different locations.

Maybe you’ve uncovered a slightly buggy piece of code which is planned for a future version, and is kind of hiding in the current version just without any available controls in the GUI?


ahah, well i do seem to find some rather strange features!

i must be blessed(or cursed)!

i would be the first guy in heaven to trip on the clouds i think. :blink:

an update to this, the above method of writing the sample back to hd works on windows but not on osx. when i was writing this eariler i quickly tried it out on this box (the windows box) and then tried on osx a few different way but nope :blink: no workie

kind of troubling, its times like this that make rme feel like enoise is completely unworthy of use, the inspiration hits an the tools that are needed flop out, diminishing any kind of creativity. a simple act of sharing cant be promoted when situations like this are likely to happen. argh