Vibrato and volume swells with MIDI instruments (VST, etc)

…so, i’ve been using trackers since the early 90’s, and i’m quite used to the pattern commands. I’m trying to use VST’s more expressively but implementing vibrato, pitch slides etc. is a pain in the ass. I’m kind of getting around with phrases to automate some of this stuff, but it’s still pretty cumbersome, the first reason being that i’d have to “pre-program” a phrase for each layer/depth/speed of vibrato i want to use for each instrument, then map them etc etc.

What if there was a way to map Vxx / Gxx commands to MIDI bends, and other effect to their equivalent MIDI commands and send them to the plug-in(s) currently playing on the originating track? This has been on my wish-list for years, but now i really need something like this!!!

Thanks, that’s a better way to do it. Still, mapping the existing pattern commands to their MIDI equivalents would be the best way to go - especially for those who’ve been using trackers for a long time.

I do quite a lot of automation like this, and I get the best results with the Instr. MIDI Control device hook up to a Korg nanoKontrol with faders hooked up to CC values.


Then with the MIDI mapper I can record those faders as the notes play. I’m not sure if that’s of any help though. EatMe’s solution seem more elegant :stuck_out_tongue: