Victor Glimskog - Medvevandekraft

All made in Renoise with free VST’s and Effects. Feedback is appreciated, hard or soft :)

The sound of of the Basdrum doesn’t fit in my opinion.

The organ sounds a little off track timing wise.

Hope this helps.

Allright, thanks! I am fighting a lot with the bassfrequencies right now and having a hard time with getting kick and bass sounding good. Will keep working on this…maybe do some more tutorials :drummer:

btw! loved the frumps theme, instant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-vibe B)

Awesome. It didn’t even occur to me but now that you mention it. It does sound like that. :)

Looking foward to your next tune.

BTW. Die-five ver 2 - lends it realy good as a rap track.

Nice! It was thought of as a hiphopbeat when i made it acctually. If you or anyone you know would like to rap over it feel free :)/>

it’s a little rough around the edges but for me that makes it more fun to listen to, especially because the song is quite good otherwise. i enjoyed it.

Thanks a lot :)