[Video] Binaural Audio (with 45 new samples)

Learn about recording and implementing binaural audio, as well as its potential future.

Download this episode’s sounds, music & narration - http://duncanhemingway.com/downloads/4-BA.zip

What a nice video. I laughed at the Virtual Barber Shop reference. :slight_smile:


Very nice and interesting video. I guess the problem with binaural sounds and their authenticity in gerenal might be, they’re applied to the anatomics of the ear(s) twice. Once with the recording and the second time again with the replay. While the method of recording this way imo is quite clever, the way the recordings are usually handled afterwards is not really. That of course goes for the handling in general and does not concern your recordings any more than others. But it is imo the main reason, why it normally works on headphones only. I think, binaural recording first of all suits very very well the needs for measuring purposes, to afterwards calculate the parallel consequences/differences on sound recognition per ear by changing signal locations.

With binaural recordings measured and some math magics applied to dry signals, also then considering the speakers dynamics, spectrum and their locations, it actually should be possible to emulate the “real feeling” from almost any setup. Well, that of course would also require a suiting room for really dry recordings for measuring position differences and a lot of other things to consider. So my thoughts might for a moment sound way easier to realize than they are. I’m aware of that. But I wanted to share those theoretic thoughts.

In anyway, I really do enjoy your videos. :slight_smile:

aweome video, and brilliant results you got, very convincing, i tried record some sounds with recorders default stereo mic, but my results was “not even close”

this video made me want to experiment more with microphones, great job

great video, amazing sounds and funny too, please keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, if you’re interested in this stuff here’s another demo video just released by another company. It’s not proper binaural, but it’s using more advanced propagation, reflection and occlusion than in the past. I doubt this would ever work as well on speakers, but with the Oculus Rift you’re already strapping something to your head, so you can almost guarantee that the player will be wearing headphones too.

Looks like the 3D audio spatialization from VR research is coming to fruition.