Video Chopping.

Hi there.

I might make myself look like a bit of a n00b with this one but is there a facility to chop video in renoise yet?

I imported the video file as an instrument and sure enough it took the audio which is great but to me it would be fabulous to allow for video manipulation so you can make the video WITH your track no matter how chaotic.

Nothing complex like effects just the chopping!

Is this possible or are there plans to make it so?

Oh… and awesome christmas of supertrousers to everyone!

you did what ? in renoise ?

simply use reaper with as rewire slave. its not perfect because if you stop playing the video always jumps back to beginning (or marked beginning) but its better than nothing.

Garageband on OSX has a video track. It can be Rewired like described as well.

Keef, Renoise2.8Beta doesn’t offer video-chopping inside Renoise.
As to forthcoming plans, It’s almost impossible to guess what’s on their roadmap.

Yep, it was an mp4 file, I dragged it over as I would a wav and it stripped the audio for use.

Yeah, I could easily do it the other way with ableton and renoise rewired (I did it with ableton first before realizing for super-speed chopping I preferred renoise) I just thought, as the sample I was chopping was of the video it’d be nice to only have to micro chop something once.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not going OMG I NEED THIS NOW THIS SUX, I’m just saying, it would be nice… not necessary, just nice.

I mean… the new features in 2.8 are fantastic (on a tiny geek level the favouriting vst plugins is a simple and perfect way to keep organized) and renoise is an amazing program. If it never has video in it then I’ll still think it’s awesome and still continue to buy the next version whenever my license runs out.

that’s the spirit!

Yup. It would be super fantastic to have video capability in Renoise. I’d like to be able to not only trigger but slice video just like audio and be able to check Sync on the video just like you can with audio loops in Renoise so that the video speeds up and slows down along with the way the audio loops does now with pitch when synced. And perhaps incorporate other existing video tools like Freeframe realtime video effects (, PD/Gem, Quartz Composer…etc. Considering all the amazing tools that people are cooking up, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this actually happened.

In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with rewire/MIDI/OSC syncing renoise with other video software like resolume, modul8, grandvj (this one has a vst plugin now), coge, max/jitter, pd/gem…

Yep. This is the stuff. Ableton does it but I find chopping an ableton to be a lot more of a chore.

Right, and while it does “warp” video, isn’t Ableton Live’s approach only limited to the linear arrangement view? Although there seem to have been a lot of video-specific tools created for Max for Live/Jitter. I heard of one called Vizzable or something but haven’t looked very closely yet.

I just did a quick tutorial on implementing Quartz: