Video For A Song I Made In Renoise

Here’s a promotional video of a track I made in renoise for an upcoming release by Cold Fiction Music Label

Thank You for Listening

I like it. Sounds kinda japanese to my ears.

danoise! thank you for your time and ears. yeah i used a pentatonic scale in the randomizer which usually sounds japanese or asian to me as well. :walkman:

so repetitive

Ah…You must be talking about either the music or the video. Or now that I think about it, both XD
Thank you for giving somewhat of a damn to at least click on it :yeah:

Well, I didn’t enjoy, flat, light beats on drilling electronic sounds are pretty typical and not really convincing (additionally, over three minutes of the same loop without transitions is way too long). Try a bit harder to impressive someone; nice try though :).

Thanks for listening. You’re entitled to your opinion, but you have no idea what youre talking about.