Video Game Music

so, checking out my latest (“SON” on song page for reference :yeah: ) in a friend’s car, she comments that it sounds like video game music.

really, i’ve been getting this all my life and don’t mind it (i’m all about LSDj), but i thought renoise sounded the least like a video game of any tracker i’ve used (all that VST powaah).

perhaps it can just be chocked up to my janky pattern based composition or something, or that my earliest musical influences are tapes i made of amiga game t00nz (and when i recreate those sounds it makes me really happy :P )


:drummer: kh9dERw0n

Haven’t checked out your song… yet… However I have heard the same thing from my friends many times :) I guess it’s them amiga mod tapes that screwed up our brains for life!! :D

One important step to go further into more “advanced” music is to actually have some kind of self-criticism. I think you got it. Give it some time, and you’ll soon be there :D

same here, my influences come also from good old soundtracker/amiga. although i tried octamed with some midi-equipment on amiga, my style is still bit game/demo like. you can always hear some influences of huelsbeck i.e.

those were much stronger until i joined a band (gothic rock, please dont comment it g ), and started to “jam” with other musicians. helped me to get less mathematic, exact and predictive in my music.

tobias … i agree crit is important … something that i find i’m developing a lot more quickly since i started thinking about mastering even in the lightest sense of the word …

along those lines, although it has happened to me before as i came to musical realizations… i am again hearing many songs i’m familiar with for the 1st time… some stuff i still love and am like “no wonder i dug so hard on it” … other stuff i can’t even listen to anymore :o

pulsar … hehe gawf gawf (i’m taking part in a goth/industrial dance night mixing in live acts at the end of the month :ph34r: )

i agree working with other musicians greatly expands horizons. i have friends over and we have LSDj haking sessions on my SNES … so easy to be inspired and learn new things even tracking with other people.

while i’ve considered jamming in real time with other folks, i can’t really play any instruments. i’ve done DUBish stuff before where i’d have multiple inputs into my mixer and i’d have a free for all throwing stuff into FX sends, but it’s not entirely the same. maybe when my keyboard skills are through the roof (takin a piano playing class this semester :ph34r: ) i’ll take up a friends offer of doing keys in his industrial band, heh…

johan, i think i’d take being f****ed in the head by mod tapes over just about anything else any day of the week :D :blink:

kh9dERw0n’ dEDBOIz + :|kREw
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m . e . 0 . w > > >

could not either play really good when i joined the band, had a couple of keyboard lessons before. but actually that was enough. so my advice is to take about a year of keyboard (not piano imho) lessons, and play with other instruments, as soon you have the opportunity to. so did i, and today i can play a bit drums, some guitar and piano of course. nothing really perfect, but enough to learn something from those instruments for own compositions.

well, you all are probably forgetting that this song by kh9dERw0n (wtf?! :) ) has been labeled to be Intelligent Dance Music, which really has little to do with playing an instrument.

Maybe the “computer game music” feeling is given by the artificial sound that this kind of music has, together with (usually) lo-fi sounds.

Anyway, there are other considerations to be done about this: speaking of me, I suffered of this “hey, this is not real music!” criticism, like all of us trackers, for years.

Now with ReNoise things seem to have changed, because even some musicians are starting to ask themselves if my songs are tracked or played, because of their realism…

what changed since I was using FastTrackerII?
Sounds… and this is quite a shame, because my music didn’t change: it just sounds more professional though, in a sense, ReNoise is less flexible than FastTrackerII, at this moment.

What to say in the end, then?
f**** everyone and keep tracking, trying to improve yourself :drummer:

(ok ok, I could have written just this last line without the rest, you’re right… :rolleyes: )

pulsar … keyboard lessons vs. piano lessons, what would a keyboard class teach that a piano one wouldn’t? technically i’m fairly at home on keyboads/synths and the rest of that gear … and what i’m lacking is the physical proficiency and music theory (i know the 1st rule … what sounds good, is good … but beyond that :o )

not that i can turn the piano class i’m in @ the uni to a keyboard one :ph34r: , but just out of curiosity

IT-ALIEN, kh9dERw0n = khid ER w0n = kid ER-1

i know, it’s ridiculous :rolleyes: … an i havn’t touched my ER-1 since i lent it to a friend many months ago :blink:

but i also like how it reminds me of the “kinder” charecters out of the D+D dragonlance novels :lol: … until recently i even had a top-knot <_<

hmm IDM … while not about instruments per say, i’d say has done a bit for turning knobs into “respectable” instruments (er. at least i’ve seen too many shows of people sittin + tweakin :ph34r: )

:drummer: kh9dERw0n