Video player/More detailed song time

Hi there!

This has been requested a few times before but i’m working on a sound design project atm and this is something i really miss in renoise. I know its possible to rewire and use the other daws video function but since i’m on a small laptopthis makes it really messy…

What i’m thinking about is something really simple, like quicktime player but in sync with Renoise. Ifit was possible to use one audiotrack dedicated for video(put a command on a line where the video starts) and a resizeable window with accurate timing…

Also i was wondering if its possible to make the song timer in Renoise more accurate, and not just seconds?? When working with shorter videoclips its important that you can “sync” it to at least milliseconds… Will check this out straight away…

Renoise is acutally really suitable for sound design taskt but it makes it a bit hard to work with video at the moment…

Yeah I’m dreaming of this too… but video is tricky.

Real time video is super heavy. most computers can’t run a Jitter patch processing high resolution footage in real time. Also, if you create video in real time, it’s usually pretty hard to render it properly.

That said, I suggest you check out Resolume. You can midi map it with Renoise and it’s pretty much what you’re looking for.

It’s actually better than triggering a Quicktime Player. Because if you think about it… retriggering a position in a video is going to be laggy… It has to read that file at a position that is most likely unpredictible for Quicktime. Resolume however has its own codec that is optimized for it.

I’d say Resolume is what you need.

Thanks alot, will check out Resolume!!

might as well tell you what it is that i’m doing so you might better understand my “problem”… So, i just want to load up this 3 sec video and put some sounds to it, using Renoise… I have Ableton but i prefer to manipulate sounds directly in Renosie…

Anyway its a cool contest, check it out!!

Oh it’s offline.

At this point yeah, you simply wish Renoise loaded the video and synchronized its playback with the beginning of your 3 seconds long pattern…

Then I’m sorry but you probably want to do it in Ableton Live… but here are two ways that would do it:

  1. Use Renoise as a Rewire slave with Live as Master. Use live just so you can have the clip play along with renoise.

  2. Have Renoise send a midi note to Resolume at the beginning of the pattern. That Note can trigger the clip inside Resolume.

In both cases I would render off Renoise and add my sound to the clip in a NLE. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or Sony Vegas would be perfect for this.