[video] Syncing and sequencing VCV Rack with Renoise

A short tutorial I made on the subject, since I couldn’t find anything around the web (except for forum posts).

I know it’s the same as syncing Renoise to any other DAW/synth, etc, but VCV Rack works a little bit different, since it uses CV, gates etc.

Have fun.


That’s handy. Thanks for showing us that!

How do you record the audio form VCV Rack? Or what do need to do to feed the VCV Rack’s sound output into Renoise? Say, if you want to integrate VCV into an existing Renoise project.

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Thank you!

It depends a lot on what you’re trying to achieve. There are several ways, but I know two:

1. If you’re using Renoise to sequence only (which means all audio is coming out of VCV), you can setup a multitrack recorder inside your Rack, thus saving individual instruments to separate .wav files. You can also record the entire master if you’re doing your mixing in the modular environment. Here’s a tutorial (by Omri Coem):

2 If you wanna record stuff into Renoise, you’ll need Virtual Audio Cable (let’s call it VAC) or any similar software. Then all you have to do is set the VCV output to VAC input, and use the “#Line Input” tool inside Renoise to receive the audio signal. Here’s a pic:


And here’s the patch in action:

The downside in this is that you’re only recording the master output of VCV. If you wanna do multitracking inside Renoise, you’ll need a software capable of running multiple virtual audio cables or channels (up to 8 in the AUDIO-8 module).


Really useful resource for any VCV users out there.


Sweet! Thank you @untilde! This is a great help.

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No problem! Glad I could help :slight_smile: If yall have any questions on VCV, feel free to post here.

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