Video synthesis over a old beat

Some waves


Another one

Life on sun… perhaps

Next week I’ll start upload the -Renoise Step Meditation- series! :wink: Watch out!

how do you make these videos? :slight_smile:

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Whats up homie!

For video I use OBS Studio, Lumen Video Synthesizer & Davinci Resolve (free version).

Heres a patch I did today with Reaktor 6 and the apps mentioned above:



Hey man i thing i read in a older post from you that you dont have the patience to do songs any more,is this correct or am i mistaking ?Anyway i hear your love for music why not gather those beeps and blips and put them in order and complete a track ?I think the satisfaction this will give you will be enormous i know i feel really great when i finish something at least for a little while until the next one

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Hey man! That’s a thought, thanks for the concern, appreciated!

Actually I feel pretty satisfied, just got a new day! I’m more like an accidental musician, ya know, just hobby, like playing Nintendo DS or something, no greater aims really, oh and I’ve done songs, plenty of them and albums too… but it’s unimportant. One step at the time… but we only have the now, live free!

Again, appreciate the concern. I make small things. That’s all… for now. Peace!

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Of course we make music for our pleasure first and for the fun of it so if you are happy with what you do then stick with it.

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True bro!

What makes a song? And who decided it? :slight_smile:

And what does success looks like?

These are the questions… .-)

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obs, familiar
davinci, very familiar
lumen video synth - gotta check it out :slight_smile:

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Yeah the Lumen App is the secret weapon! If you’re a teacher you can get a 30% discount. Only Mac thou. Cheers!