Video Track And Omf

For superfast sound editing working with video.
Any workarounds?

No hardcore renoisers doing sounddesign for film etc?

I do actually, but I don’t think that some kind of “videotrack” in renoise will come around anytime soon (read : in years) because this is a really, really huge task to do and there are tons of other things which are much more important in the development of renoise at this moment. I think we could start asking for video-support when renoise is completely “done” audio-wise, and we are far away from that. (which is no criticism of any sorts !)

there are only very few workarounds, there is a vst-plugin playing mpeg1-videos in sync with your host ( but its pretty buggy) and I wanted to try to sync a video-enabled program to renoise but haven’t done that yet, should hopefully work somehow via MIDI-Clock (I read somewhere that the sony vegas trial-version is actually working well).
Or just do rough sketches in renoise (with this vst-plug) and use another soft for the final arrangement.

I’ve found the VST->Winamp Bridge to work quite well in the past:

It syncs the host time with whatever you have playing in Winamp, whether it’s a song, video, etc., so you can leave Winamp open on another screen showing your film, and play around in Renoise, and they stay locked together (more or less, it certainly isn’t 100% perfect).

You can forget this option with the latest winamp.
Unless i am doing something wrong, but winamp just starts playing whether this plugin is enabled or disabled.

Works fine here using the latest Renoise 1.9.1, latest Winamp 5.52, and the latest version of Winamp Bridge posted on July 7th 2005.

(Apologies for pointing out anything which is obvious here, just want to be totally clear)

There are 2 parts to it. The Winamp plugin “gen_VWB.dll” which must be in your Winamp/Plugins/ dir, and the VST plugin “VWBvst.dll” which must of course be in a place where Renoise can see it.

In Winamp, configure the settings for the plugin (Prefs > Plug-ins > General Purpose), and make sure the “Enabled” checkbox is ticked.

In Renoise, load an instance of the VST “VWBvst” onto any track, although Master is easiest imho. The trick to it is that the VST must be constantly receiving some audio, otherwise it does not communicate with Winamp at all. But as long as there is some sound going in it should work.


I am using some ass-old version of winamp and never actually bothered to update … what version are you using, dblue ?

The latest, v5.52. (The website says 5.51, but Winamp itself reports 5.52, so I guess they simply haven’t updated the page yet.) Though the Winamp Bridge has been working for a while now, through several earlier versions of Winamp. I cannot remember if I’ve actually tried this in Winamp 3 though.

There’s no reason not to update Winamp imho. Just skip the crappy bundled and “full” versions there, and grab the lite package which is quietly hidden further down the page:

The lite version has no major clutter or extra crap (as long as you remember to disable these things during install), and if you use the classic Winamp skin you’d never know the difference between it and v3, visually at least.


I think I had some problem with some plugin not working in a newer winamp version some very long time ago, so I reverted back to some really old version and stuck with it. going to update now.

You know that you can also add video files to Reaper?
It is a lot easier to synchronize Reaper to Renoise
(btw my video tutorial about Reaper is almost finished)

I wonder how hard it would be to hack an open source video player into a VST shell … ponders

just hurry on up with the rewire support!!

I’m pretty sure the official prognosis with rewire support is: “it ain’t gonna happen”

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dammit - this post made me think otherwise (sorry - dont know how to link to other threads!)