Video Track(S)

Look at the track scopes.

I don’t believe Renoise should venture into much video, but I suppose a video tab up where the scopes are could assist those who synchronize their stuff. IMHO

This is a really cool idea. I think something like this could be implemented using the new xrnx Lua scripting.

If you’re talking about something that would be helpful when composing a film score, then there are already tools out there to view video in sync with the host, such as VideoVST, VST Winamp Bridge, MoviePlayer plugin, and probably a few others.

Video is such a pain in the ass to work with, there are so many different codecs that need to be handled, and it’s very easy to run into buggy behaviour, etc., so this would probably be a complete waste of time for the Renoise team to bother with directly.

Renoise is for making music, not working with video.

I thought insanity was thinking more about live visuals?

I totally agree, it’s not something the renoise devs should spend their time on, but it would still be cool if someone wrote a plugin for it.

This could be incredibly awesome for making chopped up movies for breakcore tracks if you were able to imput movie files the same way as samples. I can see heavily edited film noir and b-movie pieces being edited in no time resulting in mind blowing, fast paced gore movies. The only thing that we need then is dBlue Movie Glitch :D

Your guess is as good as mine really. All he’s said so far is: “Video Track(S) self-explanatory. Look at the track scopes.”

Not so self-explanatory after all, I guess :blink: :P

Anyway, I think we can safely assume that any such functionality is way beyond the scope of the current scripting possibilities.

The concept of a video tracker is definitely a badass one that I’ve wanted to see myself for years, and I’ve certainly spent some time thinking about the possibility of applying glitch-like effects to images. Maybe I’ll get around to exploring that some day :)

Yeah, I make breakcore, and iMovie is a pain in the ass to work with when working on the genre. A video tracker would be amazing. There could be a new kind of “instrument”. A movie instrument. You could use the 09 effect to chop up the movie, and pitch=brightness, so things like arp and pitch bend are possible as well. There could also be specialized video FX that work similar to the track DSP’s.
There might also be a YouTube upload, but I shouldn’t get my hopes up :D

I was running low on time. I’m open to questions now though.

Surely pitch would be linked to the video playback speed, just like pitching an audio sample?

Anyway, it’s a fun idea, and a lot of same audio processing principles can certainly be applied to video processing, but I think it’s quite silly to expect this to ever appear as a feature in Renoise. It would be a huge project all of its own with a lot of serious problems to tackle, and would probably require a whole new team of people dedicated to working on it.

You can’t really expect this to be taken seriously, in my honest opinion.

I think its something that is definitely worth considering in terms of future flexibility of the program. I agree with the idea of primarily focusing on the function of making music but at the same time being open-ended enough to allow outside developers to build something like this. You could very likely develop a VSTi plug-in handle some or all it.

The instrument would let you load in a “scratch” video file, something you would convert yourself that was in a smaller format that wouldn’t take up much CPU to render while working with the tracker. You could manipulate various aspects of the video using track commands just like when working with samples. When you’re done you could save out the XML from that track and then take it into a separate program like Virtualdub, which would read in the XML file along with your high quality video file and render out the result. This would require some type of scripting or plug-in support in the video program, I know Virtualdub has a SDK.

Duh :smashed:

The idea is E V O L V I N G.
Note that you would be able to convert to other formats, and rendering would give you the option to export the song as a video.

Nopes, no internally, but externally, you can have a lot of fun using scripting… if that regards video…
This editor supports OSC, which is for sure fun ware to play around with…:

Yes, I suppose you’re right.

Sorry, I don’t mean to be a party pooper, haha. I really do love the general idea, but do I think it’ll have to be something that someone else develops. I think the most realistic possibility would be an external application to process the video, which just sits open in another window and responds to commands from Renoise via OSC or some similar method. I also like Chaduke’s idea of having a less intensive preview version to use in realtime, and then using the actual Renoise song data as the input to control a much higher quality video renderer when you’re ready to export everything.

The thought of video instruments has really gotten my mind going in terms of what could be done. If I wasn’t such a lazy person in my off time I’d consider taking an existing codebase from an open-source tracker, like say Milky, and adding in the ability to create video instruments.
I’m thinking about how you could have a split screen setup - eight tracks would yield a screen of eight smaller viewports each rendering its own chopped video. Then I’m thinking you could do video synth which is pretty much what a lot of visualization plug-ins do. If nothing else it would be the ultimate ADD experience. I can picture a more user friendly version of it as the second or third generation where the average youtuber would start using it, and the videos would devolve further from what they are now into a garbled mess of unintelligible sounds and images.

I’ve done some jitter stuff with renoise as the sequencer. Now we have lua and osc.
There a lot of possibilities if you put the work in.

Resolume is a very powerful tool for synching video to audio. Although you can compose with the latest version too, I doubt it’s developed enough to give the kind of power Renoise has. I have used it to sync with midi data from renoise and it worked great provided you used the correct codecs. Thing is, I’ve not tried Resolume Avenue, but my guess is it’ll still have all the MIDI and even DMX support as before, but it now includes VST too. Not cheap at all though!

Until we have direct from disk streaming it’s not even worth thinking about!

For low CPU usage Renoise will have to load the video uncompressed into RAM. SD is 270Mb/s (Mega bits, not MegeBytes.) Say we work offline and work in quarter resolution until final render maybe (half verticle, half horizontal.) Almost 8.5MB per second, or 500MB per minute (not actually as bad as I thought it would be.) Although 6 minutes and you’ve already used every bit of the 3GB available to 32bit systems IIRC.

Who wants to work in HD? 3Gb/s people. 8 seconds at full resolution and every available byte of your RAM is used.

64bit and disk streaming are a necessity!!

Nice idea though. Something I don’t think I would currently like to see the Devs we have working on though, but if a another person was to come on board to work exclusively on something like this in the background, with no pressure on release date or version to be added to then I feel it could be welcomed.