View All Dsp Parameters In Mixer

In the mixer you can select a dsp effect. If you then rightclick the effect and you choose view , all you will see all the parameters of the selected dsp effect.

It should be nice to have an option to view all dsp parameters of ALL effects instead of only one dsp effect.


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Would be very handy but my first thought is that some effects that has a lot of parameters (‘glitch’ for example) would cover many pixels, and maybe mess upp a bit.

well since i started with “expose/hide DSP FX for selected device”, (a menu entry + shortcut), now it seems like it makes sense to also modify it so there’s a separate one that goes through the whole DSP chain and exposes/hides all of them…

here’s what i have
Expose-Hide Mixer Parameters

i’ll add this “all” to the mix.

edit: also added “Mixer” right mouse button .

ok, got it working.


this will be in Paketti once i’m done with a bunch of other things. if you have additional ideas, please post them to here. Issues · esaruoho/org.lackluster.Paketti.xrnx · GitHub

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Holy f*ck, this is amazing!!!

Always wanted something like this. To make it even better, only by being able to “pin” only selected parameters.

Paketti is growing in such a strong way. Congratz for all the work.

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yep, once i figure out how to do proper preferences, i’m definitely gonna make it possible to pin selected parameters i.e. you the user can define which parameters you want shown in the mixer for whichever device.

it’s only logical to do it like that. i just wonder how to pull it off. i know it can be, but i’m not very good with LUA GUI.

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