View All Notes Being Played At One Time Easily

one of the really cool features of lgpt and lsdj is that they show you what notes are being played at any time in each track without having to look at the actual patterns. i think it would be a good feature to have little boxes in the corner of the track scopes in renoise that show you what note is being played in each channel without having to scroll side to side checking out notes in each track. good for people who write parts for keyboard or any traditionally played instrument over their renoise compositions. just an idea, i would find it useful anyways…

hmm interesting idea, never thought about it, but i kinda like it! +1 for you!

or maybe an ft2-style note-map?

Initial eye candy bloat sentiments a side, I guess it could be useful in certain scenarios :slight_smile: , only if the note shown be kept visible as long as the note is triggered and I wouldn’t mind having the scopes being completely filled with the note signs if implemented.

is there a way you view all notes being played by all instruments on the ketboard in the instrument editor window? that would be another way, maybe less cluttered looking.