View All Tracks (width-wise)


I believe I already made this suggestion someplace, but important things can be said more than once right?
My most definite number one item on the wish list, is the ability that Impulse Tracker had.
Of course, in Renoise it can be done in a much nicer way.

When I am creating songs with 16+ tracks, and each track has its unavoidable effects/volume/panning and sub tracks, I end up seeing only a handful of tracks on the screen, width-wise.

I would love to have the ability to see ALL tracks on the screen, even if just in “read only” mode.

Also, I am sure other people also end up in a situation where they have tracks that they do not edit too often (for example, the kick-snare-kick-snare track), so I would like to “compact” the view of this track, so that I can still see it, still keep it in the desired location, and still it will not interfere.

So, I would like to suggest one method for implementing both, with one single feature - “Compact Track View”
A shortcut key to “Compact All Tracks” (toggle)

A compacted track will only show the note, and it will not be editable (or if the geniuses at Renoise can find a way to allow edit, even better)

I have prepared a quick mockup for demonstration:

In this view, all tracks are compacted (but I would also love to have the ability to compact selected tracks only)

This is my #1 through #5 on my priority list, I do not have #6 yet.

+1 This has already been mentioned in the zoomable editor thread.

I’ve had similar problems. What I do, I remove command, pan, volume and all unused columns from tracks, to sorta ‘compact’ them.

Weird, I think I posted a reply but I dont see it here.
Anyways, I have looked at the zoomable, and while it is nice, it is not the same.
I do not want to see “clips”. I am not sure I am crazy about the clips idea, it may be nice, but it may also make it more bloated and complicated.

Patterns and tracks are “clips” enough.

Also, the feature I am mentioning here, seems very easy to implement - much easier than zoomable editor, which seem to require the need for clips (otherwise, you will not have the colors and all).

Overview is king. I really want a wide screen monitor, which probably is enough for a humble track spender like me. :D

Suppose note-clips can be very useful for repeatable stuff like drums and bass lines, makes it easy to just go in and edit one place (clip) and it changes everywhere. Hope they can be visualized to keep the overview you are talking about.