View is not updated

The react view is not updated (the render is never called) but the reducer was invoked.

I have the following:

1). the react view: I a field in the root state to determent if I need to show “TodoList” or “HousingInfo”

export default class RightPane extends React.Component{
static contextTypes = {
store: React.PropTypes.object

let store =;
let curPage = store.getState()[“mainRightPanePage”].currentPage;
return (

{(store.getState()["mainRightPanePage"].currentPage==="TodoList") && } {(store.getState()["mainRightPanePage"].currentPage==="HousingInfo") && }
) } }

2). the action dispatching

store.dispatch({‘type’:‘switchPage’, ‘pageId’:pageId});

3). the reducer: the following reducer was invoked

const mainRightPanePage = (state = {‘currentPage’:‘TodoList’}, action) => {
switch (action.type) {
case ‘switchPage’:
return Object.assign({}, state, {
currentPage: action.pageId
return state

export default mainRightPanePage

What did I miss?


Hey, I think you’re looking for support for react, not renoise redux?

But do take a look around :slight_smile:

haha I thought, hold on, that looks familiar…wait a minute!