View modes for spectrum/scope and DSP chains

(delt) #1

Hello again, sorry for starting a new topic for this, but i thought it would be less confusion since… well, it’s a different topic :slight_smile:

This idea is for view modes. What would really be awesome for the spectrum/scope area is an extra view mode with two big oscilloscopes side by side.

Another would be regarding the DSP effects chain which is always confined to the bottom of the screen. It would be very useful to have a view mode where all effects of the selected track are stacked one on top of the other, taking up the entire screen. This would mean a lot less scrolling horizontally along the bottom strip where the effects are, and would allow to see many more at once. For bonus points, doofers could maybe have a collapse (same line) vs. expand (effects in it also stacked vertically, maybe indented at the left to show which are part of the doofer) …? just an idea :smiley:

(delt) #2

… and on a related topic, could we please NOT have the renoise main window raise itself / request focus from the window manager when a module is loaded? i don’t know if this affects only the linux version, but it’s kind of annoying :confused: i load a module with lots of plugins so it takes a few seconds, then i go to my other desktop where my browser is, or irc whatever, and then suddenly i’m typing in renoise. I could set my window/desktop manager (xfce) to not switch desktops when a window raises itself or requests focus, but i (normally) kind of like having that feature enabled.