Viewbuilder Gui Renoise


is the gui viewbuilder library is an internal (renoise) project or is it a standard lua library which is available on desktop computer (like qt) ?

Where can i find good documentation, tutorial on viewbuilder ?


ViewBuilder is the Lua interface to our own native/internal widget library which it is not available outside of Renoise.

You can find some technical documentation in Renoise’s application folder under: \Scripts\Documentation\Renoise.ViewBuilder.API.lua

There’s also a great example tool which shows off all of the available widgets, including how to create them, how to interact with them and set up events, how to set up aligners for more complex views, etc. You can find this “com.renoise.ExampleToolGUI.xrnx” tool in the scripting development pack which is available to download from

I am going to see those documentations… For now, I am learning LUA which is very easy (when Javascript or Python is known)… Now, I have to know how to (with LUA in renoise) create tracks, patterns, setting notes, grouping tracks and setting an existing VST to the tracks group…


Is a canvas control exists in Renoise (like HTML5/Javascript) ? I want to draw line, rectangle, setting color for a particular pixel or draw a bitmap… Or is it possible to create a Bitmap, modifiy it (draw line, rectangle, setting color for a particular pixel) and display it in a button or another control ?


Sorry, but at the moment we do not have a canvas object that you can directly draw to.

You could do simple animation maybe? Bitmap style. ON/OFF/SWAP like back in the day.

Check out the nibbles source code for an example:

It swaps tiles in a vb:bitmap object.

Hi, I see the code… Yes, I think it is a good solution for my project… Thanks…