Viewing instruments note locations

I was wondering if there is a way to quickly locate where select instrument notes are within patterns.

For example sometimes I might I’ll have a single sampleassigned as an instrument, and I’ll only use it once or twice across the entirety of a song. Then if I forget which pattern I put it in it can become hard to find where it is because it’s buried in amongst all the other notes.

Is this possible?

I know it can be avoided by just being organised, and creating a separate track for the one sample. It’s just I have an old song that I want to save and it’s a bit of mess, so this would speed up the organisation.

I assume Redman you mean Renoise rather than Redux? But if you do mean Renoise, just a thought, I don’t know if this little tool would help you find the pattern(s) that a instrument number is in ->

Woops, I did actually mean Renoise. Must not have been paying full attention to where I was clicking :stuck_out_tongue:

Just tested it out there now, works perfect for what I needed.

Thanks 4Tey. Much appreciated. :slight_smile: