Vinny Vedecci Interviews Jon Bon Jovi On Saturday Night Live

so i watched this episode of SNL last night

near the end, Vinny starts singing “Living on a prayer” in italian… then Bon Jovi says “my grandmother used to sing italian to me all the time when I was a kid, and i don’t recognize any of those words”, and then Vinny & the guys start to get all quiet …

I was wondering what words they were singing? Is it something vulgar? Maybe somebody can translate? (It Alien?? hint hint?)


the whole words Vinny says are not italian; actually, his accent is more similar to spanish. The character which talks from the dinner table, instead, speaks italian, but the language spoken by Vinny looks completely invented.

haha, i thought it might be … that’s too bad !!! it’d be more funny if it was real