Vip # Dracula - Du Bist Mein

Guess I´ve been very very absent in the past.
To show you that I´m not dead, I give you something to listen of course :)

This song will probaply be part of an commercial album dedicated to an theatreplay from here some weeks ago. The song itself wasn´t in the play itself but the ppl who are involved in the CD decided to sort out and change some songs. And that´s where my chance is.

Clicky Clicky :)

It´s still not finished though (not to mention the faulties here and there), since it´s the first time that I´ve to make the music fitting to the lyrics, but I think I´m on a good way.

Comments, suggestions… all is welcome :)


err… with VIP I meant WIP (Work)… ehem
oh btw. this song is not composed with Renoise only. It´s a co-work with Reason via Midiyoke and Renoise as Master :drummer:
Still have some sync problems when it comes to rendering due the not so precise bpm settings in Renoise :(


…and I know I´ve to change the drums too :D
Some guy called Keith303 will remember them very well otherwise and the AphexTwins too :unsure:

<_< You´ll probaply hear a weird pulse sound. I used this to pretend the singing a little bit myself. Normal people are using a micro though but mine is borken :blink:
So never mind that :D

The lyrics (german):

  1. Du bist nun mein, die Sehnsucht erfüllt.
    Auch ich bin dein, von dem Wunsch nur beseelt
    dir zu geben, was dir fehlt.

Seligkeit scheint
zum Greifen nah -
bald sind wir da,
Mina, meine Elisabeta:
in meinem Schloss vereint!

  1. Verlasse dein Land, dem Alltag entflieh.
    Reich mir die Hand – nun spürst du sie:
    Erlebe den Rausch der Fantasie!

Seligkeit scheint
zum Greifen nah -
bald sind wir da,
Mina, meine Elisabeta:
in meinem Schloss vereint!

  1. Vorbei der Schmerz, endlich Frieden gebracht.
    Öffne dein Herz für unendliche Macht.
    Schweb auf den Flügeln dieser Nacht.

Seligkeit scheint
zum Greifen nah –
bald sind wir da,
Mina, meine Elisabeta:
in meinem Schloss vereint!

Es währt nicht mehr lange – du wirst, wo ich bin,
wenn ich dich empfange, meine Königin!

I like that. The melody is some sort of dark but “hope” is coming out of it… I do not know how to say it best but this song has a LOT of potential. Definetely not a piece for “commercial” purposes but a nice piece of music. The only thing I do not like is that “demostyle”-synth coming at 1:50 - end…

WOW VERY good work!

Its that much a radio kind of song but would certainly fit in a commercial movie.

At 1.28 there is this disted sound which is too sharp hurts my ears…Maybe lower the volume on it.

I don’t get what demostyle synth Dopefish is talking about at 1.50 but if he means the the simple computer lead sound comming in at 2:17 I agree with him, it does take away from the professional sound that is in the rest of the song a bit. It could work but it would need some kind of adjustment. right now it brings down the song somewhat.

Jepp. I meant the computer-synth…

hm…blutengel ptrance?


Enter piano, we like.
Enter bassline, we love.
Enter sid-synthline, we understand it’s temporary. :P

This has potential to become something very very nice!
Work it boy! :)

Yay, thankies for the lovely comments :)
And yes this demostyle lead won´t be present in the final production. It will be hopefully replaced with a tenor vocalist then. :dribble:

Did that and I guess I´m ready with it :)
For the interested ppl, here the instrumental version… still totally unmastered btw.

Version without demostyle synth
version with demosynth

oh… don´t be confused by the ogg tags. I´ve accidently made a typo in title tag. Well, I´m just to lazy to re-upload :)

CLICKY CLICKY link not worky! :wacko:

guckst du hier :)

always wanted to reply and always fogot to do it, which is a true shame as the tune would deserve a shitload of feedback due to the amazing arrangement we have here and the overall toghetherness of the composition.
what else can i say except that i really really like this, the atmosphere and mood is a bit like we know it from BT tunes, even though this is no four the the floor stuff, but i hope you take it as a compliment which it is meant to be (BT is hella good you must know =).
overall, the sound is professional, mixing is tight, choice of samples & instruments is extraordinary suitable, creativity in here would’ve even been sufficient if spread over three or four tunes and the composition itself is made of pure beauty. what else can you want for free?
imho, bestestestness tune i heard so far from you!
ten.oudda.ten ;)

Funny fact is, that I´ve forgot about this thread as well :blink:
Anyway, huge THX for that review keith. Kindly appreciated!
Though, I´ve been told that I´ve to cut and change some elements in the song for the album. It has still a way to big electronic touch.

errr… well, changing: not a problem. Cutting and re-arranging: uhoh :unsure: