Virtual Audio Cable

VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) is not supported in Renoise ?

I am running the latest version (1.281), on startup it tells me that VAC isn’t supported. All (directsound) outputs are disabled, but strangely I can still get the sound to work, using another piece of software to monitor the VAC signal. So…is VAC supported ? Is support planned ?

BTW Thanks for a great piece of software…!

This is a restriction in Renoise added in the free version, but not
in the registered version. The reason for this is that it would allow
recording the output of Renoise directly in another program,
bypassing the rendering that’s disabled in the free version.

So why does it work anyway ?? - VAC gets a signal it can broadcast! Worse still is the fact that VAC is also shareware, and cost money. I now have to uninstall (registered) VAC in order to get (unregistered) Renoise working, a bit strange I think. I don’t wan’t to buy Renoise* just because some other app has been outlawed by the software developers.

The best would be to have VAC devices ‘not appear’ in the audio config, along with a message why (at startup). This way, you could use VAC and Renoise seperately, even though Renoise wasn’t registered.

Second best, simply change the message so that users get a warning that they have software that could be used for recording an audio stream - and that this issue will be solved with a registered copy.


  • well, in fact I do… :D