Virtual Kaoss-pad?

I was messing about with my friends’ recently bought KP3, and I was just thinking: Is there some kind of software that does essentially the same things as the Kaoss Pad?

I don’t get you fully I think.
the big thing about the Kaoss Pad is the touch pad.
the effects are just normal.
like a filter is resonance/vertical and cutoff/horizontal.

or do you want to do this with dragging around your mouse on a virtual pad?

Pretty much, yeah. I’m looking for a software that includes the kind of effects that your can find in a Kaoss Pad, and that you can manipulate in realtime, using the mouse, etc. :)

I think there’s no such thing but you could make it…

Ableton live has a “touchpad thing” where you can route effects trough

I don’t know how you could do this with a trackpad or mouse without clicking or something. but this is what comes to mind.

korn nano pad or any midi controller with an XY pad.

use a variety of effects available (renoise native effects or vst). assign two parameters, one to X, one to Y.

example: filter frequency (x)
filter cutoff (y)

the controller firmware should allow some way to have multiple CC configurations for the same pad, so you could control as many (two-parameter) effects as the controller will allow. read into the controller though, i’m not positive it does that, but it likely does.

hope that helps!

With some effect chains in renoise and assigned midi cc’ s you can do amazing stuff with this

I saw this earlier but didn’t knew it was so cheap.
I owned a KP2 and KP3 but sold them because I use the pad on my x-station very much to control effects in Renoise so the extra pad is useless, but hammering some chords with those touch sensitive pads really are appealing for that price

you have misquoted me raises nose