Virtual/Meta Instrument with VSTi layers

Renoise’s interface and functionality is currently somewhat inconsistent between samples & instruments. Whereas a single instrument can be created such that is comprised of multiple sample layers, it is not possible to similarly make a single instrument comprised of multiple VSTi layers.

I propose that a feature be added to remove this limitation. I would expect to control this feature under the Instrument Settings panel, with a similar growable list for Plugins as there is for samples.

Please note that I am well aware of the existing possibility to chain multiple instruments to a single MIDI device, but this is not nearly as flexible or useful. Chaining from a MIDI device works for performance, but is a pain to deal with if you want to go back & edit, or sequence by hand.

Consider this scenario that I commonly encounter: I’ve put together a nice composition with some nice melody lines, but I’m not entirely happy with the sound of the melody instrument. I like the instrument’s sound, but it’s a bit weak and needs additional texture. I’d like to layer another instrument onto it. But I’ve already recorded my MIDI performance, so I don’t want to set up a MIDI chain and perform it all over again. I just want to extend the existing instrument to layer in another VSTi to achieve the sound I’m looking for. Today, I’m faced with two choices: copy & paste all the notes & volumes & delays into another track with a new instrument, or just give up on my original instrument and hopefully find a single VSTi that achieves what I want. Needless to say, a frustrating situation. Anybody else know what I’m talking about here?

A VSTi layering feature opens up a HUGE new world of opportunities for musical creations that would have been difficult to achieve before. :yeah: Please take this into consideration!

Thanks, Matt

Hi, I think like you, but also I need layering in midi device too. Then, layer in sample, midi and vst! but at this point there will be an envelope and lfo settings for each sample (volume + filter + pitch) plus global envelope and lfo for the entire sample layer.
Thanks ballacr75

VSTI instruments have their own rules regarding audio streams and individual note effect processing which will not be circumventable by layering them meaning: the effects of layering plugins won’t reach much further than being able to link a plugin triggering to a specific note and velocity, but no more than just that. You will have different outcomes depending on the plugin its capability, you will still encounter situations like monophonic plugins that never trigger polyphonic events, you will not be able to route and effect-process a plugins audio stream across multiple tracks, if you would route output of plugins to specific tracks (to have different DSP chains applied), these won’t be rendered if there are no notes to trigger them (so you would have to duplicate notes anyway). There may be a few more strange side effects that can be encountered which are known limitations to the veteran Renoise users, but not things that newcomers can wrap their minds around.

Use the plugin grabber, and then layer the samples ?

Basically, once again, MIDI routing and MIDI effects like some other DAWs have would fix everything with this request and then some.

Ableton-style instrument racks and effects racks would be awesome :)