Virtual Midi Cables

What Virtual MIDI Cable is best suited for Renoise?

I am currently running MIDI Yoke 1.71 which sends the notes from Renoise to Reason. (Yes, I am a registered Renoise user.) However, the latencies are quite high. As a result the playback is slightly choppy and impossible to use in a synchronized mixdown. I am now trying to find a better VMC – commercial or free.

Any suggestions? What VMC do other forum members use?

Now I have tested LoopBe1 as well (see It seems to be running more smoothly in regard to the overall sync issues, however it “skips” notes here and there in the end playback.

I also use MIDI yoke and have the skipped instruction problem.
But I use it only for control changes which I double enter into renoise.
at least one of them is being sent so I stuck with this.

But in my quest I did find Maple:

Don’t remember my experience with it…

anyone know of a midi over ethernet? that is priced less then 100USD?
theres one called midioverlan cp by musiclab but they want close to 170USD, which i find pretty ridiculously priced.

i had a way of piggybacking midi on osc messages with reaktor but reaktor will not run the osc server in vsti mode. so the only way to network midi between mac and pc is to use reaktor standalone on both machines, using up valuable resources. if i had the resources to spare i would just route the midi into a virtual device an then out an into renoise. then be able to use a pc laptop running reaktor as a sound module controlled by renoise. an on top of it there is the utmost control by using osc.
just wondering if ive missed anything, on the availablity of such a thing.

An offline MIDI export feature (inc. CC data) would be at the very top of my wish list for future Renoise versions. In fact, that would be my #1 wish.

I´m actually quite satisfied with my midiyoke connection. There are only high latency problems with high cpu load, then it takes a little until both programs are syncronised again. But then it works like charm.

btw. Do you run Renoise or Reason as your mastersequencer? I´ve been trying ages already to get Reason running as the master app and I still haven´t figured out how <_<

MIDI Yoke works fine for syncing the apps together, so that if you run a 120 BPM drumloop in Reason it will sync with the 120 BPM arp pattern in Renoise. The adjustments for latency compensation are manually done within respective application, until they both are fully synced.

This is not how I work however. I merely use Reason as a soundbank, and Renoise as the sequencer. The two programs are not synchronized in the above sense, because it doesn’t matter if Reason runs the audio playback 50 ms later than Renoise notes are actually playing – not so long the playback itself is internally consistent (i.e. “non-choppy”).

I haven’t yet tried slaving Renoise to another app, so I can’t be of any help there. But it won’t work with Reason because this particular app doesn’t have master capabilities in regard to MIDI time code sendings etc. (See Reasons “Advanced MIDI” menu in Preferences; you will only find MIDI Input sync options, not Output ones.)