Virus Powercore Jitter


i have following setup:

  • renoise 1.5
  • powercore dsp card
  • virus synth-plugin

Problem is that i get “Jitter” between each notes when playing
or rendering song.


  • does soundcard latency affect VST-instruments
  • has renoise any delay compensation eg?

BR, Wesq

there is no delay compensation at the moment. It will implemented in future versions.

About rendering, try to see if the “VST compatibility” rendering mode helps


thanks for quick reply.

Delay compensation in future would be great.

Still one question:

  • how VST-instrus data is routed? i.e. does soundcard’s driver’s latency
    affect when rendering?

BR, Vesa

no, the audio data is stramed directly to the renderer, not passing through the audio device