Virus Ti - "Baseline"

Since there have been multiple threads about the TI, Renoise and issues around timing.
I’ve put together a small one pattern test just to make it possible to compare.

Before I begin, remember that the issue may not be with Renoise.
Other TI users complain about every other DAW as well, so the same issues you/we see is also affecting Logic/Cubase/whatever users.
Just browse around or Access’s own forums and you’ll see the same type of threads.

So lets start.
I use the TI Snow so if you have the larger brothers/sisters then you’ll need to change the plugin to be used.
In the song comments I’ve put the info you’ll need in regard to, patches used and how they were configured.
Both patches are arpegiated (is that even a word :) ?) because that is one of the most likely ways to notice the problem.

Both patches are from the TI2 - Rom A bank so you don’t need to search that long :)

I also created two audio examples on how it behaves in my setup.
The virus_test.mp3 is a continous recording using TapeIt on the master track.
The pattern is just 7-8sec long but when running it for about 40-45sec, my setup start to drift slightly then go back in line and then drift again.
Really weird.
The virus_test_rendered.mp3 is just a “Render” of the pattern and to me it sounds as it should.

These recordings/tests were made with the TI GUI closed, meaning don’t show the Ext. Editor while testing.

Continous MP3
Rendered MP3

I’ll try that soon and report.

In the meantime I wanted to know if you’ve read that page before and tried solutions like disabling USB selective suspend in Windows power options, switching off the Virus Live Mode before starting the sequencer or using a dedicated PCI USB card adapter ?
I’m not at home right now but can’t wait to try these out.

First, I tried all the suggestions above (Live Mode was already off) except the dedicated PCI USB card adapter but I plugged the TI alone at the front of the computer which I believe is the same thing.
Then I opened your file, rendered using Renoise realtime setting for 1:20. Everything was playing fine until 1:09 where it went out of sync big time for a couple of seconds then back to normal.
Then I recorded using TapeIt. It takes a few seconds to get in sync but then it went almost fine for the whole recording : just a note was skipped at 0:53.
Then I tried again using TapeIt and inserting an empty pattern at the beginning. It started in sync and everything played perfect for the whole recording.
So I tried again with realtime rendering and it also played perfect this time.
I finally tried in a pretty crowded tune I’m working on at the moment with the Hiscore preset and after 3 minutes it still was perfectly in sync using the realtime setting.

I did the same tests with Live Mode enabled and I’m pretty sure that’s just where your problem lies.
On my side, the problem was just that I didn’t realize the TI & its host needed a few seconds to be in sync on playback :blush:

Conclusion : I’m not sure what went wrong with the 2 first recordings but it seems the TI and Renoise 2.7 work just fine with Live Mode disabled and using realtime rendering :yeah:

Well it would be nice to figure out a certain protocol where is determined what does make it go wrong and what does make it go right 100% certain.

Well, to be honest none of the solutions have been 100% fool proof.
Haven’t used “live” mode in a long while but I don’t have a dedicated USB card either so I haven’t tried everything.
On the other hand I seldom notice the problem, it’s not often that I use arps so.